Count the garden by the flowers,

Never by the leaves that fall.

Count your life with smiles,

Not the tears that roll.

By Anonymity

After going through a painful breakup, I now tend to find my way back.

I have been asked the question of how to successfully heal my broken heart after I have just ended a relationship with someone I loved very much.

Truly, to mend a broken heart was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

I suffered, sobbed and tried a number of things to help to relieve my sorrow and my shattered heart.

First, I did not allow my previous lover to contact me anymore and I eliminated everything that used to belong to him.

I no longer moaned about the happening and I no longer tried to find out whose fault it was.

Another method of taking the heal of my broken heart symptom was to start doing things that I used to do before I was in a relationship.

Exercise made me feel better so getting re-started helped to rev up my energy level and improve my mood.

I also spent more time with good friends who were willing to help and listen. And, I owed my success to those friends and had to thank them for their help and support.

In fact, whereas love is a wonderful thing and it adds joy, happiness and meaning to my life but when it ends, it brings the exact opposite.

I think my heartbreak probably leads me to the sense of having woken up to reality and of having understood the harsh fact of life to some extent.

However, as long as I do not run out of breath, I am determined to invariably live life with the meaning even without my former beloved one.

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ѹʹǭա仡Ѻ觷Դ ЩѹФա ѹ繤Դͧ

աԸ˹觷ѡҡ͡ѡ 鹷觵ҧѹ·ҡ͹˹ҷѹѹҾ

͡ѧ·ѹ֡բ ѧ鹡ա駪дѺժԵҢͧѹлѺا֡ͧѹբ鹴

蹡ѹ ѹҡ仡Ѻ͹ʹռ㨷ЪѺѧ Щѹ˹稢ͧѹѺҹ Сͧ͢ͺسǡѺСʹѺʹعѧ

ԧ зѡ 觷ʹȨ˹ ѹԡҹ آ ФѺԵͧѹ ѹŧ ѹҫ觷çѹҧԧ

ѹԴ ᵡ¢ͧ㨢ͧѹ ҧ͹ҧөѹ֡ͧõ蹢繨ԧ С㨢稨ԧѹ˴¢ͧԵдѺ˹

ҧá Һ㴷ѹѧ ѹ͡Եҧդҧ͵ ҨлȨҡѡҢͧѹǡ

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su su tor pai kha.
Life must going on kha do not give up.

: i m here IP: ѹ: 5 ѹ¹ 2554 :3:52:56 .  

١ͧ,,Һ㴷ѧ ͧ ѺԵ....ͧդѷ,蹹Ф 觷ҡѧҧ˹ ҧѺѡԵ

: RattaRose ѹ: 5 ѹ¹ 2554 :14:24:48 .  

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