Some days ago, my younger sister phoned me from Thailand asking on how to make a successful interview in English to win a scholarship for overseas studies.

In order to become a successful candidate, she needs to make sure that she has the right type of English for that interview.

This reminds me of my job interview experience I had in the past. I was anxious and nervous to get ready for those important interviews.

At that time my English was not excellent. Therefore, it was not easy to make a good impression on my hopefully future employer.

After having been through some interviews in English, although I cannot say that I am an expert in this area, I can merely provide some tips of which it may be useful to the others who are having an interview in English.

The interview in English contains specific questions and it requires a certain flexibility in your usage of tenses to provide appropriate answers.

In western culture, when you walk in the interview room, it is important that you introduce yourself, shake hands and are friendly.

Then, the interviewer will ask you something like - How are you today?, Did you have any trouble finding them?, etc.

As English is not your first language and the employer may be concerned about this fact, the language you use should be simple but polite.

Your experience and qualifications is the most important part of any interview.

When talking about your qualifications, as your education took place in the past, you need to use the past tenses.

When talking about current employment, you should use the present perfect or present perfect continuous.

When talking about past employers, you should use the past tenses.

More importantly, you should make a list of appropriate vocabulary to use in the interviewing process and try to memorise it.

Also, reading the list aloud can help to improve your pronunciation in English.

Good luck for any interview!

ͧѹ͹ ͧǢͧѹҩѹҡͧͺ ҧö֧зɳѧɹ鹻ʺ ͷع֡¹ҧ

繼觢ѹʺ ͨ繵ͧ ѧ繻١ͧѺɳ

觹͹ѹ֧֡ʺóɳҹͧѹѹʹյ ѹ֡ԵѧлҡѺѺɳӤѭҹ

ҹ ѧɢͧѹ ѧѹ·ҧзѺ㨷աѺ¨ҧѧ͹Ҥ

ѧҡҹɳѧҺҧͤ ҩѹöоٴ ѹͼǪҭ㹴ҹ ѹöйҧѹҨ繻ªͤ觡ѧաɳѧ

ɳѧɹ鹻Сͺ仴¤Ӷ੾Ш ѹդ״дѺ˹觵͡ٻҷʴҢͧس ͷӵͺ

Ѳѹ ͤسԹͧɳ ѹӤѭسͧйӵͧ ѺСӵ繡ѹͧ

Ǽɳжسҧ觺ҧҧ ҧ سҧúҧѹ? سѺҡӺҡ㹡Ҿǡ? 繵

ͧҡѧáͧس й¨ҧҨ֡ѧǡѺ稨ԧ ѧ ҷسèºҾ

ʺóФسزԢͧس ǹӤѭҡشͧɳ

;ٴǡѺسزԢͧس ͧҡ֡ҢͧسԴʹյҹ ѧ鹤س繵ͧٻҷʹյ

;ٴ֧çҹ㹻Ѩغѹͧس س÷ٻҷʴ֧áзӷó ٻҷʴ֧áзӷóСѧҧͧ

;ٴ֧çҹʹյͧس س÷ٻҷʹյ

Ӥѭҡ仡ҹ س÷з¡äѾ͡㹡кǹɳ Сͧѹ

蹡ѹ ҹ¡äѾ͡§ѧö»Ѻا͡§ѧɢͧسբ


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Thanks for the tips ka :)

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