I feel fortunate for what life offers me, especially opportunities for education and career.

It can not be truly understated how important education is to provide things for people - financially, professionally and socially, in the future.

Luckily, my parent drilled the idea of the absolute benefit of an education into me at a very early age and I never considered not going to university.

Nowadays, facts support the idea that a continued education makes for a better life, a better job and better opportunities for the future.

A few years ago, I worked in one of the UK's largest specialised heart and lungs hospitals and I had the full benefit of developing knowledge and skills.

Then, I felt the need for a break from a city living, so moving to the south coast of Great Britain was for having some relaxing years in a peaceful town.

Apparently, I have a great time living in the town by the sea but it is no doubt that young years should be spent in active way in the big city as well.

I personally believe that a big city like London provides more opportunities for education, career and so on in which all depends on a personal life target.

As education and training is my main interest, a forward planning to join a particularly teaching hospital in London can lead me to reach my goal.

I am currently considering two potential hospitals - King's College London and University College London Hospital, which are the leading teaching hospitals in the UK.

Those two hospitals have a dedicated education and training team who is responsible for the staff development and facilitation of learners.

I am hoping to pursue my further education and training in either hospital.

ѹ֡⪤Ѻ÷ԵԺѹ ੾͡ʵҧҧҹ֡Ҫվçҹ

ѹöСǶ֧ҧԧ ֡Ӥѭҧõ͡èѴ觵ҧѺ - ҧԹ ҧҪվ зҧѧ ͹Ҥ

ҧ⪤ سͤسͧѹ١ѧԴ ǡѺªҧͧ֡ѹѧ Щѹ·Ԩóҡ¹Է

Ѩغѹ 稨ԧҧʹѺʹعǡѺ֡ҧͧ ҧԵա ҹա ͡ʵҧա Ѻ͹Ҥ

2-3 ա͹ ѹӧҹçҺ˹㹺ôçҺ੾зҧҹлʹ˭شͧҪҳҨѡѧ ЩѹѺªҧҧþѲҴҹзѡеҧ

ѹ֡ 繷еͧشѡҡԵͧ˭ѡ˹ ѧ ҧ½觷ŷҧͧҪҳҨѡѧ ͨժǧͧշ͹ʺͧʧ˹

ҧ͹ ѹժǧҷʹѺԵͧ·觹 ѹͧʧ 㹪ǧѧèж١ǷҧջԷҾͧ˭ 蹡ѹ

ѹǹ ͧ˭ҧ ͹͹ ͡ʷҡҷҧҹ֡ Ҫվ ա 觷駻ǧѺ¢ͧԵǹؤŹͧ

֡Сý֡ͺ ʹѡͧѹ ѧ鹡ҧἹǧ˹ҷӧҹѺçҺŷ价ҧҹ͹͹͹ öөѹ件֧¢ͧѹ

й ѹѧԨóçҺŷѡҾͧ - King's College London University College London Hospital çҺŪ鹹ӷҧҹ͹ҪҳҨѡѧ

çҺͧ觹շҹ෷ҧҹ֡Сý֡ͺ ѺԴͺҧҹþѲҢͧѡҹӹ¤дǡ¹

ѹѧѧ Թ¹Сý֡ͺ鹷çҺ˹ͧ觹

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