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In the past, my life seemed to be busy loafing on the job as I thrived on working hard for more earnings.

I was juggling between two jobs - a regular one within a NHS hospital and another extra one with a private employer.

I felt very exhausted and had no pleasure in life. I then questioned myself why I was greedy and became a slave to a mighty pound.

It cannot deny the fact that we live in a world that thrives on money as it is a necessity to make our lives easier in many ways.

However, after my relationship went through patches and recently came to an end as to partly not having enough time for it, this was like an alarm to make me get wise to no longer hastening my work life.

Life does not stand like stone so as long as I still have a life, I should get more out of my life and learn to appreciate the little things.

When I have walked into the wrong path and I am no longer happy, my life has an impact so I need to fix it.

Also, as life is not paved with roses, failure is a part of life and it happens naturally, I will not keep moaning about it.

What I am about to do is to ensure that I have enough money to live off whereas having more time to enjoy life as it is my life and it is my wish.

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¹Դ ҾͧԵ¹

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Finding work and life balance is a challenge and a continuous process as your priorities change. I've found that building downtime into your schedule as well as devoting more time /attention to people and things that matter most to you are the keys to prevent burnout in your life. Good luck kha

: AnnaBanana ѹ: 7 Ҥ 2554 :7:02:10 .  

ء㹤ͺ.. 蹤

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It's hard to say which path is right or wrong because we are
different and have our own ways to live.

We don't know when it will be the last day of our life.

Some people like to have fun, enjoy life and see the wold before they are too old too do it. As the result, they cannot save enough money to feel secure.

Some people are more cautious and would like to ensure they will be alright when they are old. They are not burden or relay on the kindness of others. At least they have money to buy the goods and survives to make their life more comfortable.

I fall into the second group. Why can't we find the balance? It's a good question but it's difficult to answer. I think it's because We are different and we don't know when will be our last day.

I try the best for today to achieve what I've plan for next year, next 5, 10 years and the end of my life.

: Doggies IP: ѹ: 10 Ҥ 2554 :14:38:54 .  

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