A few days ago, I had an intriguing conversation with some friends who were English men.

The topic was about English men who wished to have an Asian girlfriend but were afraid of being criticised by the general public if their girlfriends were Asian.

Those friends expressed that they adored Thai girls in particular as those Thai girls were naturally beautiful with their silk black hair, almond shaped eyes.

However, due to the fact that there are many dating websites offering a service about finding a Thai girl, this makes a great impact on the public's eyes that Thai girls can be ordered as goods.

There is no denying that there are many types of Thai girls in Thailand. And, it is normal to have both good and not good girls in every country of the world.

Furthermore, the truth is that it is very difficult to change the stigma that the general population has to the defamed repute of Thai girls.

Nevertheless, I persisted my opinion to those English male friends that most nice Thai girls were conservative, polite, sincere and if they were married, they adored their husbands.

Most importantly, happy marriage or a long lasting relationship can be found everywhere in the world, no matter what nationality, culture, ancestry, language and beliefs.

ͧѹ ѹաʹҾٴ·ʹ㨡Ѻ͹ҧ繼ѧ

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͹ҹٴ͡ ǡҪ蹪˭ԧ繾ҹ繸ҵԴ¼͹дǧҷҧ͹

ҧá ͧҨҡ䫵Ҥӹǹҡ·ʹԡáҤ˭ԧ 觹Դšз˭µҢͧҸó ˭ԧö觫͹ѺԹ

ʸ ҡٻẺͧ˭ԧͧ ѹ绡Էշ駼˭ԧ㹷ءȢͧš㺹

ҡ仡ҹ ԧ ѹҡҡ¹ŧûгյҷЪҪյͪ§١ŷԹͧ˭ԧ

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Ӥѭҡش 觧ҹդآѹҾ׹Ƕö١鹾ء˹ءš ӤѭҨͪҵ Ѳ ͡ҡ Фѷ

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Good writing kha. I am one of those farang's wife which meet through work and sometimes most people always asking how do I meet my husband. I disregard his as a foreigner, I look at him as another human being.

: nice witch (iamguru ) ѹ: 13 ԧҤ 2555 :6:26:21 .  

Ҥس͡¡Ѻ͹¾ǡա ҡҡԴ繶֧ ҡǤԾҡԨó좹Ҵ鹡äԴΌ˭ԧͤ͡ д٨դ㹵ͧ
дԩѹҤաäѺ աѺ դդԴ ЩҴ͡礧ͨԨóҳ¡Ҥ˹դ˹ СèԵѹҧҧͧѡѹվ
жҩҴѧࡵҧҾǡ͡ԾҡԨó˭ԧµҧ ҹ繤˹ ա֡дѺԴдѺ˹

: ˭ԧ IP: ѹ: 14 ԧҤ 2555 :18:48:06 .  

¹ըѧ ѹ觷ӧҹç˹¨ѧѴɮҹ ѧ͡
ͨпѧͧҧ ѧɡ˹ ٴ¡ѹͧ˭ԧ ҹ͹ҧ׹¡ë ͺѧɡ˹觡ͺ ѡҹԻԹ çҢ¼˭ԧ´ ѹͺ¤

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