There is a popular TV series like Scrubs, House, Grey's Anatomy which displays the work environment of health care professionals in a busy operating theatre.

In reality, the operating theatre is a unique environment which is often busier, noisier, more stressful than the clinic or ward setting.

The operating theatre I am working within is no exception as it is a busy, fast-paced place like many others.

The people (like surgeons, anesthetists, scrub nurses) inside my theatre are not only exceptional in their skills but also nice and friendly.

Seeing what is on the surgical table (like blood, flesh, gut, bone) may disturb many people but those who are working around the clock to save a patient's life seem to be well familiar with the unpleasant scene.

In my theatre, although there is always a busy day and the surgery is non-stop, there is no rule that stops us from being ecstatic and relaxed.

So, listening to music during an operation often helps us become more productive to deliver the best care a patient deserves.

My theatre is a lovely place to be. So, getting up every day and going to the hospital is not a chore for me because I can at least enjoy listening to music a little bit whilst passing on a surgical instrument to a surgeon.

իյҧѺҧ Scrubs, House, Grey's Anatomy 觹ʹǴ㹷ӧҹͧؤҡôҹآҾͧҵѴ

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