It may seem that I have been frequently asked why I do not have a boyfriend yet.

I must admit that sometimes it feels miserable to be all alone during weekends.

In fact, everyone wants someone special to feel close and loving on those days when feeling unwell, upset and low.

However, it does not mean that because many people have boyfriends, so I should get myself one.

Although I am suggested to open myself to meet new people, I do not want to date everyone for just wanting to find a man.

Perhaps, I am very choosy and fussy in finding the right person.

It is sure that one day I will find someone special without trying too hard or being too desperate to have one.

Actually, being single is not anything to be ashamed about even it is not easy inside a couple-oriented world.

It is true that love makes people happy but I can still be a happy single anyway.

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ѹͧѺ ҧѹ֡褹ǵӾѧ㹪ǧشѻ

ԧ ءͧ÷úҧɷ֡Դѡѹҹ֡ ԴѧШԵ

ҧá ѹ¤ ͧҨҡҡΌ ѧǩѹèͧѡ˹

ѹѺйԴͧ龺СѺ餹 ѹͧ÷͡ഷѺءͧèҪ˹ѡ˹

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ѹ͹ ѹ˹觩ѹҨ龺Ѻҧ»ȨҡþҧҡԹ դͧҧҡԹ价ѡ

繨ԧ ʴҧ觺ҧҧ֡ ѹšͧդ

ѹԧ ѡ餹դآ ѹѧö繤ʴդآ˹蹡ѹ

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