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Sometimes, I feel like there is nothing to look forward to and it makes me feel empty, lonely and sad deep down inside.

Even though I totally understand that these feelings are normal human emotions, it is uneasy to overcome them whensoever the unpleasant sentiment arises.

I believe I now and then focus on too much outside of myself and certainly ignore a real need inside.

It is said that we are naturally designed to love and be loved, to value and be valued. When there is not enough of that sort of connection in our lives, we feel lost.

I know that not only me but many people feel alone at some points in their lives.

Somehow, once I understand what causes me to feel that way, it becomes so much easier to learn to fear it less and I can then do something to change my feeling.

Thus, whenever loneliness sets in, I get out into the world and make something happen for my happiness and joy.

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繺ҧǧͧ ˧ ֡֡ǴͧҢͧ ѹسҤ˧ ҹ鹷Ҩբ鹹Ф
ҧ˧Ҷҷӵ˧ҡзآͷءҹФ ҷͧѹԴºҹ͡س Ҽ˭ԧ⤵ ЪͺسФ
Take care of your self na kha.

: Jeab bu IP:, ѹ: 12 Ҥ 2554 :14:41:43 .  

ҧҡդ֡˧͹ѹФس ... ˧ ѺǴ¹͡ҡ ˧ҡѺ觷Ҿ connect 觵ͺѺҾͤҴѧ :)) ... ͹سҨԧ ... ͧ¨Ѻ֡ͧͧ ¹͡ҹ overcome ... 繹µͧ ҡè manage آ "˧"

: Tristy ѹ: 12 Ҥ 2554 :21:20:22 .  

繤˧¤ Ҩҷҧ
Ѵѹ ҧҹ˹ѧ
͡件ٻҧ 㨤 ..

оҧҡӨѴ ѹѧ
ҧẺҴѡ ...

ҷѧŧ˧ ͹ҨⴹСԵ
͹ѹ .. ͧͺѧ

: JewNid ѹ: 12 Ҥ 2554 :22:32:31 .  

I just read one book "Aesthetic of Loneliness"... this period of time people talk more about loneliness..

I love the word you said "..focus much on outside and leave the real need inside.."

What is real need? Few year ago I tried to be happy :) Be outside with many people, but still feel noone besides... Now I am with myself...I still feel unhappy sometimes but less than the past..

Hope you so ka :)

: xyz IP: ѹ: 14 Ҥ 2554 :11:06:53 .  

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