In response to the global nurse shortage, more nurses within Asian countries like the Philippines and India are going to work abroad.

The UK, especially, actively recruits nurses from those developing countries.

Unlike the Philippines and India, there is only a small number of Thai nurses to go abroad.

And, very often, I have been asked the same question, 'Why are there not many Thai nurses working in the UK?'.

I am uncertain why many Thai nurses do not have a chance to go abroad to be exposed to the overseas experience.

I think even though Thai nurses are an adept in their nursing, a lack of linguistic ability may hinder their international career path.

However, in the case of the language barrier, nowadays the number of nursing schools in Thailand that provide nursing education in English as well as Thai language seems to be on the rise.

Probably, instead of going abroad, those Thai nurses who can provide services in English can find better employment opportunities within the country.

No matter Thai nurses seek employment opportunities abroad or within the country, the role of nurses remains unchanged.

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ѹͧ Һ¨ӹǹҡ֧͡仵ҧ Դ͡ջʺó㹵ҧ

ѹԴ Һ¨դӹҭǪҭҹþҺŢͧǡ âҴŹöҧҹ ҨػäմҧҧԹͧҪվдѺҹҪҵ

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Ҩ ᷹价ӧҹҧ Һҹ鹼öԡѧ ö͡ʷաҷҹ㹻

Ӥѭ Һ¡ѧ͡ҹ㹵ҧ㹻 ҷ˹ҷͧҺšѧ¹ŧ

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