Often, people have asked me whether going abroad is the best way to learn English.

It may seem many people think that a world is awaiting them to explore if they have a chance to study abroad.

Taking a foreign language course overseas is becoming more and more popular among foreign language learners across the world.

Many years ago, I was one of those learners who went abroad to study English.

At the time, my decision to study abroad was to meet an English requirement for UK nursing registration.

I took a 3-month IELTS course in a small English language school in London.

In my classroom, my classmates took the course for a different reason - the need for further studies in a university, professional purposes as required.

Of course, the main advantage to study abroad is that you can practice your English everyday not only in classes.

Also, surrounded by the language and culture, you can meet new people, know new cultures, develop new interests and become more independent.

However, not everyone can afford studying English abroad as it is very expensive.

And, living and studying in another country can have its problems.

Some people cannot get along with a different culture and suffer homesickness.

A lot of new temptation in a foreign country can lure you away from your lesson.

Learning a language by studying abroad is a big decision. No-one can tell whether studying abroad is right for you.

You should and must carefully consider the pros and cons of going abroad for language studies before starting packing your bag and leaving the comfort of your home to learn English in another country.

Whereas it brings the pleasure and excitement to learn English abroad, living in another country can be different from your expectation.

Hopefully, if you decide to study abroad, it will bring you a wonderful experience.

Nevertheless, learning the language wherever - abroad or in your home country can be effective and successful if you pay attention and study.

Most importantly, studying abroad does not mean you will learn English magically without working hard.

Chinese Proverb says, 'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.'

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ѹҨд͹ ӹǹҡԴ šѧͤ¾ǡ͡Ǩ鹤 Ҿǡ͡¹ҧ

Ѥ¹ѡٵҵҧ㹵ҧ ѧ繷ҡҡ ҧ¹ҵҧȷš

»ա͹ ѹ ˹㹼¹ҹ鹼仵ҧ¹ѧ

ҹ õѴԹ㨢ͧѹѺ¹ҧ ͨмҹ͡˹ҧҹѧ Ѻè¹þҺŢͧҪҳҨѡѧ

ѹѤ¹ѡٵ 3 ͹ç¹͹ѧ˹͹͹

㹪¹ͧѹ ͹¹ͧѹ¹ѡٵù˵ؼŷᵡҧѹ - 繵ͧ͡¹Է ѵػʧҧҹҪվ١˹

͹ ºѡ͡¹㹵ҧ سöн֡ѧɢͧسءѹ ੾ͧ¹

蹡ѹ ö١ͺ仴Ѳ سöм餹 ѺѲ ѲҤʹ С繤觵ͧҡ

ҧá ءö㹡¹ҧ ͧҡѹͧҧҡ


ҧöлѺҡѺѲᵡҧ СءҹѺҡäԴ֧ҹ

ӹǹҡ㹵ҧ öǹسҧ͡仨ҡ¹ͧس

¹¡¹㹵ҧ 繡õѴԹ㨷˭ҧ˹ ö͡ ¹㹵ҧСѺس

س÷еͧԨóҧͺͺ ֧ʹТ¢ͧ仵ҧ͡¹ ͹鹨Ѵз駤дǡʺ·ҹͧس ¹ա˹

㹢з ѹҫ觤ԹФ鹵͡¹ѧ㹵ҧ Եա˹觡Ҩᵡҧ仨ҡҴѧͧس

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ҧá ¹ҷ˹ - ҧ 㹻ȺҹԴͧس öջԷҾлʺ ҤسС֡

Ӥѭҡش ¹㹵ҧ ¤ س¹ѧҧȨ »Ȩҡ¹ҧ˹ѡ

Եչ '¹ ѵԷеԴҢͧͧѹ价ء˹ء'

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