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It is said, 'life is like a drama and drama reflects life' and if we understand the plot, there is great happiness.

My love life is most likely an overlong drama and there is not the happy ending.

I recall the day when I agreed to meet my former love for the last time on his request. He looked tense and unhappy.

He said, 'I deeply regret what I have done to you and this is an ever big mistake I have made in my life and it is the most stupid thing to do as well'.

He continued, 'I do not deserve another chance from you but I just want to be in contact with you no matter what and I will never forget you'.

I then responded, 'no-one is perfect and every person makes a mistake but unfortunately the consequence of your mistake has a traumatic effect on your loved one'.

And, I turned down his request for keeping in contact with me.

Even if I do not allow him to get in touch with me, I am still bombarded by the calls and the texts from him.

As a result, I have to change my phone number otherwise it would lead to further problems, especially an impact on a new innocent life that is being born to this world and it is his child.

Sadly, our love fails and the legacy that leaves behind is painful but the emotional attachment of mine to him still remains in my heart.

However, the memories of our love would always remain fresh and occupy a special place in my heart.

ѹ١ 'Ե͹ѺФ Фз͹Ե' жçͧ ѹդآ

ԵѡͧѹҨҡش Ф÷ҹԹѹյ͹դآ

ѹ֧֡ѹѹ鵡ŧ仾Ѻѡ繤شµӢͧͧ Ҵ´դآ

Ҿٴ 'ҧش駡Ѻ÷Ѻس ѹͤԴҴ˭ش·㹪Եͧ ѹ觷شҴ蹡ѹ'

ٴ '÷Ѻ͡ҡسա Ҽͧ÷Դ͡ѺسҨҧá мѹس'

ǩѹͺѺ 'óẺ ФءӼԴҴ ⪤շŢͧԴҴͧسԴšзͺӷҧԵ㨵ͤسѡ'


ѹ͹حҵԴ͡Ѻѹա ѹѧ١д仴ѾТͤҡ

š ѹͧ¹Ѿͧѹ ԩйѹҨйѭҵҧҡ仡ҹ੾ šзͪԵطԵ˹觷ѧԴҺš㺹 觡١ͧ

ҧ ѡͧ 觷赡ʹͷҧѧʹ纻Ǵ Ҥ١ѹҧ֡ͧѹյ ѧ㨢ͧѹ

ҧá çӢͧѡͧҡѧʴ ѧçʶҹ㨢ͧѹ

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