In the past, it might seem anyone who turned to their computers for love had to be a pathetic loser who could not get a date.

However, more everyday people are using the internet to find romance.

In fact, although there is no denying that online dating can be a good way to meet people, real life internet dating stories can turn to be bizarre and dangerous.

Recently, I have been suggested by some friends to use the cyberspace for dating.

To be honest, I am kind of not confident that online dating is a good choice for me.

In spite of many successful love stories of internet dating, I reckon searching for romance by browsing on the internet is not going to work on me.

Of course, I want to love and to be loved and who knows love is maybe going to wait for me around the corner.

I believe everything is subject to the laws of nature. So, love might hit me some day without a hunt.

'Love is inherently free. It cannot be bought, sold or traded.' By Deborah Anapol

ʹյ ѹҨ͹ 㴡ѹͤѡͧ繤ѧǷҼöҤ

ҧá 㹻ѨغѹӹǹҡѧԹͧѡ

㹤繨ԧ ѹʸ Ҥ͹ŹöԸշԸ˹觷龺м餹 ͧǢͧҤҧԹ㹪Եԧö¹ͧšҴԡѹ


ѵԧ ѹ繻 Ҥ͹Źͷҧ͡Ѻѹ

ͧǤѡͧҤҧԹ絷ʺҡ ѹԴҡ÷ФҤѡ¡ä鹴ٺԹҨѺѹ

ҧ͹ ѹͧ÷ѡж١ѡҺҧդѡҨСѧͤ©ѹš

ѹ ء觷ءҧ顮ͧҵ ѧ ѡҨҪѹͧѹѹ˹觡»Ȩҡõ

'ѡ »ԧ ѹö١ ö١ öӡäҢ' Deborah Anapol

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: devilmanb ѹ: 13 ѹҤ 2554 :15:11:40 .  

ح Ңͺسҹͤ ЪԹ ح..ҡ е ѵԵԴ ͧͺԴ ͺ¹ ҡԷҷҹѺء ʹ

ѹ..حͧͺ..¹ѧ ҡ¹ ͹ ͧ..͹حҵ¡ẺФ еͧ¹աҹ˹ ֧¹Ẻ ¹ҵҧ ....ѹ͹¹ ???

: Maeboon ѹ: 13 ѹҤ 2554 :15:22:10 .  


: xyz IP: ѹ: 15 ѹҤ 2554 :10:04:52 .  

ԩѹ繤˹觷ԸҤ͹Ź 繤ѧͧѡ 褹Һҧѧ ͧԸչ ѹ͹͡ʷöͤ ͹á͹ѹ çѹ㨤ҵ͹ҡդͺ ѧ͹ѡ ӧҹѹ ͺسդ е ǹҤ騹 ҡسйӴ¤ ӧҹҹ·ѧ ͹Ѻ ҡǧҤ ҡѧҧ ԵҹҵʹѹͧѺѹ֧ԡҧҡ鹨зѧ Դҵʹҧô :(

: ꡵㹻˹ ѹ: 23 Ҥ 2555 :7:33:15 .  

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