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Two weeks ago, I requested to work in the side room for infectious patients.

My first day in the side room I felt a little awkward going into in a separate area to meet those patients.

Most of my patients seemed cheerful to have a regular nurse caring for them there.

However, there was one male English patient who was not easy to let me break the ice and get to know him.

To me, he looked healthier rather than fragile like many other kidney failure patients.

Although he was very stubborn and did not want to follow my instruction, I persisted in my effort to do my job.

One day he said to me, 'I have been on dialysis for three years, you have just known me for only some days so you should not tell me what to do and not to do because this is my body'.

I calmly replied to him, 'I am doing my job as your nurse and I do understand your point'.

A few days later, during a dialysis, he was having an excruciating pain on his lower back and was struggling to fight for the pain.

His blood pressure dropped dramatically and his face went very pale so I called a doctor for help and meanwhile I resuscitated him by giving oxygen and IV fluid.

By the time the doctor arrived, his pain subsided and his blood pressure came back to normal.

After he remained stable enough and was ready to go home, he came to me and said, 'I much appreciate your help and thank you for saving my life'.

I widely smiled at him and answered, 'I am here to help you and will still always'.

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ѹ˹ ҡٴѺѹ 'ҧ س觨ѡ§ѹ ѧ鹤س÷Һ͡Ѻ ÷÷÷ҹҧ¢ͧ'

ѹͺҡѺҧ 'ѹѧ˹ҷͧѹ㹰ҹоҺŢͧسЩѹͧͧس'

ͧѹѧҡ ҧѧҧ ҡҡûǴ纻Ǵҧعçҡdzҹѧ͹ҧҡùµѺ纻Ǵ

ѹԵͧҵŧҧҡ˹Ңͧҡմʹŧ ѧ鹩ѹ֧¡Ҫ 㹢ǡѹѹӡê¡͡ਹйͷҧʹ

Ҷ֧ ҡ纻ǴͧҡŧФѹԵͧҡѺ׹軡

ѧҡҡä§оСѺҹ ҩѹоٴ 'ҡѺͧ͢سТ͢ͺسѺêªԵ'

ѹҧҧҧеͺ 'ѹͤªͤسСѧʹ'

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