It is said that knowledge is power, the more you know the more you grow.

I truly believe that the benefit of education lies in a general quality of life.

I was granted to be trained for 4 years to become a general nurse in my home country. And, there are not enough opportunities to further specialty nursing studies afterward.

In the UK, there is more funding to make education and training accessible for nurses.

So far, I have enhanced knowledge and skills whilst working as a nurse in the UK and as a result, this makes me more productive in the organisation.

The skill-based training in specialty nursing - critical care nursing and heamodialysis nursing - rewards me to learn new skills and to be ready to take on a new challenge.

However, I have recently had my eye on what other specific skill of nursing still has room to grow and I feel committed on anesthetic nursing.

So, I have currently applied for the post of a theatre nurse in order to gain some experience before undertaking an anesthetic nursing course.

Now, I am over the moon after receiving good news for prospective employment in the theatre department within a well-known teaching hospital.

I am having a glimmer of hope that in the near future I am going to persue a can-do dream of becoming a nurse anesthetist.

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й ѹ֡Թҡ ѧҡѺǴǡѺ÷ҷӧҹѧ ἹͧҵѴçҺ˹觷繷㹡͹繷ѡѹҧ

ѹѧʧҧѺͧѧ ͹Ҥѹ ѹöзѹöԴ鹡Ѻ繾ҺŴ

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