Does everyone have a soul mate?

If I am asked the question above, I cannot simply answer.

It may seem that many people are destined to meet, marry and fall in love with one another.

At the same time, the others have not yet met their right persons.

I truly believe that feeling like we are loved and in love is a beautiful bliss.

To find a person who we are meant to be with, our soul mate, is what everyone longs for in order to build a life with.

In fact, it may not be an easy thing to do to find the right one who will love, cherish and adore us.

Love can create or destroy so if we go about finding love in a wrong way, it is bound to have an unhappy consequence.

Even though the fact that nowadays a love relationship is so frustrating, we should not give up on love.

No-one knows when we will find our true love but hopefully, it would be some day.

Whenever we meet our soul mate, we should begin to love by giving from the heart.


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