Having lived and worked in England for many years, I have heard about the different stories of how the world sees Thailand and its people, especially Thai women.

For examples, some think we are still riding elephants to go to school. Or, some are surprised to learn that we have computers and internet. Or, some believe Thai women can be bought.

I must admit that it really hurts to inevitably listen to those nonsense stories.

I am unsure what kind of the message that has been sent out to the world.

However, I myself encountered some difficulties as an ordinary Thai girl spending life in a foreign society.

One occasion, on my way back home from grocery shopping I was carrying a lot of bags and was walking in a hurry.

Suddenly, without my awareness there was an English bloke who looked quite handsome in his suit and tie stopping me to ask for the direction.

He said that he was looking for his friend's house and it was naive of mine to believe that.

So, after spending some time on trying to help him find the place, he eventually revealed to me that he did not get lost but just wanted to get to know me.

I went silent and then calmly told him that I was not interested in getting to know him and his cunning of chasing up a girl on the street was absurd.

He sillily continued the story about previously knowing a Thai girl and just wanted to ask me out for a coffee.

My patience seemed to be worn out, so I then walked away.

Another occasion, whilst walking with a girlfriend to town for a meal, there was a voice coming from a young English bloke sitting in a car where the door was open.

He asked me whether I was interested in dating him. I did not respond, simply walked off with my friend.

In fact, the problem of prostitution seems to happen almost every corner in the world, not only in Thailand. Furthermore, it is unlikely to go away easily.

I am so pleased to read Andrew Biggs's saying, 'It is possible that a
buffalo has two legs and speaks English. So, why cannot we just think and talk about nice things of Thailand for a change? We have incredibly beautiful beaches, good food, nice and warm weather, fascinating culture, etc. So, let's explore Thailand.'

Եӧҹѧ» ѹԹѧͧǷᵡҧǡѺš㺹ͧ ͧͧ ੾м˭ԧ ҧúҧ

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˵ءó˹ СѺҹѧҡ仫ͧ͢ ѹͶاҡСԹѺҹҧպ

ѹ㴹»Ȩҡõ˹ѡѺͧѹ ˹ѧɷ㹪شٷ䷢ͧشѹͶҧ


ѧ ѧҡѡоʶҹ觹 㹷·شԴ¡Ѻѹ ŧҧ§ͧèзӤѡѺѹҹͧ

ѹºСٴҧʧѺ ѹʹ㨷ͧèзӤѡѺСͧҷҼ˭ԧͧ鹪ҧ鹴


ʹͧѹ͹ж١ ѧ鹩ѹ֧Թ˹ըҡ

ա˵ءó˹ зѧԹͧ仡ԹǡѺ͹˭ԧ˹ §͡Ҩҡ˹ѧɤ˹觷öеöԴ

Ҷѹҩѹʹ㨨͡ഷѺ ѹͺѺ§Թ˹͡仡Ѻ͹

㹤繨ԧ ѭǡѺäһdzմ͹Դͺзءͧš§㹻ҹ ҡ仡ҹѹ͹Ҩҧ´

ѹ֡ҡҹͤӾٴͧس Andrew Biggs 'ѹ«ͧоٴѧ ѧ鹷Ҷ֧öФԴоٴ֧觷ͧ¡ѹ繡¹ŧ? ժҴ§ҧ ô ҡȷͺ Ѳŧ 繵 ѧҤǨӤѡ¡ѹ'

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