Like others, when I first started learning English, I attended an English class in an English teaching school.

In a classroom, I learned by following textbooks, vocabulary lists or grammar rules.

As a result, I must say my English skills did not improve as much as I wanted.

And, I thought that the method taught in school was unworkable for me and that frustrated me and made me unmotivated.

I also felt that an English lesson was not teaching me the real English I needed.

I knew what I needed, I needed success with real English like speaking easily with a native English speaker, understanding English TV, news and movies, etc.

I then tried to find the right way for me to succeed in learning.

So, I went back to the basic by revising the rules of the English language (English grammar).

I spent a great deal of time understanding and applying the various grammar rules of the English language through reading an English grammar book and doing exercises.

Whilst most learners thought that learning to speak the language was their main priority, I was not completely convinced that speaking skill was needed to improve first.

I reckoned if I was unable to understand what those English people were talking about, it was impossible for me to respond to their conversation.

So, I decided to improve my listening skill in the first place
by downloading any English programmes I liked as MP3 files and listening to them over and over again on my iPod.

And, I kept listening to those programmes at anytime and anywhere.

In the beginning, even if I understood only 10% of the whole talking, I kept listening to it without letup.

The time passed by, my level of listening skill greatly developed and I gained more confidence in understanding the English communication.

Later, I joined a speaking class for just to learn to speak.

In the meantime, I tried to practise my English as much as possible at anytime and anywhere where I had a chance to do so.

In other words, I think if you want success with real English in the real world, only you can find the right way to improve your English skills.

More importantly, motivation and determination is a key to success.

͹Ѻ ͩѹ¹ѧɤá ѹ¹¹ѧç¹͹ѧ

ͧ¹ ѹ¹¹ ¡ʴѾҧ ѡҡó

š ѹͧͺ͡ ѡѧɢͧѹѲҡ˹Ңҡҷѹͧ

ѹԴ Ըշ١͹ç¹Ѻѹ й蹡ѹѺͧзѹçе鹼ѡѹ

蹡ѹ ѹ֡Һ¹ѧ͹ѹ֧ѧɷԧ觩ѹͧ

ѹ÷ѹͧ ѹͧä稴ѧɷԧ ҧ öٴ¡ѺٴѧҵԴҧ ÷ȹѧ ѧ Ҿ¹ѧ 繵


ѧ ѹ֧͹Ѻ价鹰ҹͧ¡÷ǹҧͧѧ (ҡóѧ)

ѹҧҡ仡Ѻ÷ӤСù任ءͧѡҡóҡ¢ͧѧ ¡ҹ˹ѧѡҡóѧС֡Ẻ֡Ѵҧ

з¹ǹ˭Դ ¹ٴѧɤӤѭѡͧǡ ѹ֡ҧԧ· ѡСþٴ繵ͧѺþѲҧá

ѹѺԴ ҩѹö ÷褹ٴѧҹ鹡ѧٴ¡ѹ ѹҨѺѹеͺʹͧ͡ʹҢͧǡ

ѧ ѹ֧ѴԹ㨾ѲҷѡСÿѧͧѹ͹ҧá ¡ôǹŴ¡ѧɵҧѹ蹪ͺ MP3 Сѧѹ繻ШӺ iPod ͧѹ


㹪ǧ ҩѹ§ 10% ͧʹҾٴ·ҹ鹡 ѹ

Ҽҹ дѺҧѡСÿѧͧѹѲҢҧҡ Щѹդҡ鹡Ѻ㨡þٴµԴѧ

ѧҡ ѹ֧¹þٴͷ¹þٴҹ

ҧ ѹ֡ѧɢͧѹҡҷҡ ѹ͡ʨз

ٴ ѹԴ Ҥسͧä稢ͧѧɷԧšͧ繨ԧ سҹ鹷ö鹾ԸշоѲҷѡѧɢͧس

Ӥѭҡ仡ҹ çеФ蹵 حᨢͧ

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