When I first heard this song, 'Who You Are' by Jessie J, I could not disagree more with the below part of the lyrics. With no surprise, this song helps her fame to soar.

'Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars!

Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,

It's okay not to be okay.

Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart.

Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising,

Just be true to who you are!'

The content of this song is a noble inspiration and gives us all a positive role model when going through difficult times in life.

Surely, many of us have ever found ourselves in a life challenge and sometimes not sure which way to turn.

So, I feel the same with this lyric said, 'It's okay not to be okay. Tears don't mean you're losing.'

In life, it is all about choices we have made and if without control, it will be an accident waiting to happen.

Thinking about life, there is never an ending to it - so much to see, so much to hear, so much to feel, etc.

However, this coming Christmas I wish hope and comfort would be awaiting ahead for everyone.

ͩѹԹŧ繤á 'Who You Are' Jessie J ѹö繴ҡҹѺǹͧŧҧҧ š·ŧ·§ͧ;觵٧


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ӵ¶֧Ҥسѧ٭ ء椹ѧ


Ңͧŧçѹҧ٧СͺẺҧǡѺǡҷ ͡ѧʺѺǧҷҡӺҡ㹪Ե

ҧ͹ ǡҨӹǹҡ¾ҵǢͧǡͧѧ觷ҷ¢ͧԵкҧ駡˹ҧ˹èѹ仴

ѧ ѹ֡ҧǡѹѺŧ͹١ 'ѹष֡ ӵ¶֧ سѧ٭'

㹪Ե ѹͷ駻ǧǡѺҧ͡ҧǡз жһȨҡäǺ ѹҨغѵ˵طѧͤ·Դ

֧֡Ե ѹ·աشѺѹ - ҡ·龺 ҡ·Թ ҡ·֡

ҧá ʵѧҶ֧ ѹöѧФʺ㨡ѧͤҧ˹Ѻسء椹

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