A few days ago, I received a message from a teen blogger who willingly shared his failure story with me.

He revealed that a waste of the 3-year period of time and a substantial amount of money of his was spent abroad to learn a language.

And, he reckoned that failure won in the end because he was not able to develop linguistic competence as much as possible.

I believe everybody wants to be successful, to be liked and to be admired.

As known, success takes time and effort and when failure happens, it is a chance to learn something that does not work.

In the previous time, I failed at many aspects of my life journey.

When I finished the high school, I believed that my diligence and good conduct of studying could earn me the scholarship to study medicine instead of the scholarship to study nursing.

I was very upset and thought that my great attempt resulted in failure and my life was doomed to failure from the start.

However, I then went to do my nursing and found it satisfying and worthwhile to pursue this profession in the end.

Currently, I have worked within the National Health Service in the UK where I can develop new skills and improve my job prospect.

Another example, I never considered myself to have a chance to relocate to any English-speaking country as my English was very poor in the past.

At the time, I was not able to talk, to write and to read enough good English just to get an ordinary job abroad.

For years, I struggled in learning to improve my English.

And, I now have a good English command because I overcame the obstacle.

In history, there were stories of successful people who failed on a massive scale before eventually succeeding.

'Thomas Edison' was one of those people and he was a master of 'trial and error'.

There were about many thousands of failures he had when trying to create the light-bulb.

When he was a child, many of his teachers thought that he was dumb and would never be a success because his mind would often wander in class.

His famous saying was, 'I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.'

It is said that when failure comes, we should learn from it as the biggest successes have gone through the biggest failures.

2-3 ѹ͹ ѹѺͤҡǺ͡蹤˹ 觵ͧ觻ѹͧǤǢͧҡѺѹҧ

Դ¶֧ ͧ 3 ШӹǹԹҡ·١仡Ѻ¹㹵ҧ

ҤԴ Ѻª㹵͹ ͧҡ öѲҤöҧҹҡҷ

ѹԴ ءͧûʺ Ѻê蹪ͺ Ѻ¡ͧ

ѧѹ 稵ͧФ ͤԴ ѹ͡ʷշ¹ҧ觺ҧҧ

㹪ǧҡ͹˹ҹ ѹ´ҹ鹷ҧԹͧԵͧѹ

ͩѹ¹ç¹Ѹ֡ҵ͹ ѹ ѹѹФ֡¹ öѹѺع¹ͷҧҹᾷ ᷹繷ع¹þҺ

ѹ֡Դѧҧҡ ФԴ ҧҡ¢ͧѹѺѾ繤 ЪԵͧѹ١˹繤ǵ鹷

ҧá ǩѹ鵡ŧ¹Һ 龺 ѹ繤Ҿդسҵ͡ûСͺҪվ㹷·ش

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աҧ˹ ѹ¤Դ ͧ͡ȷٴѧ ѧɢͧѹҡʹյ

ҹ ѹöٴ ö¹ öҹѧ§ҧҹ㹵ҧ

» ѹù㹡¹ͷоѲѧɢͧѹ

ѹ㹢йդö㹡ѧ ѹҪػäҧ

㹻ѵʵ ͧҡ¢ͧؤŷʺ ҧ ͹лʺ㹵͹

'Thomas Edison' ˹㹺ôҤҹ ҡ ҨҧҹͧԴͧ١

դǨӹǹ¾ѹҡʺ ͡ѧдɰʹ

ѧ ٨ӹǹҡԴ 繤Ҩ繼ʺ ͧҡ ҸԨԵ㨢ͧ͹ͧ¹

Ӿٴժ§ͧҡ 'ѹ ѹ§ʺѺ 10,000 ԸշҨ'

ѹ١ ͤ Ҥ÷¹ҡѹ 稷˭ش ѺҹҨҡǷ˭ش

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