I have cared for a 92-year-old gentleman's patient who has an irresistible sparkling personality.

Even if he has a severe health problem, he radiates happiness and positive energy that will draw in everyone around him.

He usually comes to the unit I am working in with an impressive smile and a gentle manner.

During the treatment, in spite of in agony, he rarely shows his reaction and discomfort to pain.

Whilst looking after him, the rapport between us has grown up.

He has recently revealed to me that his wife died many years ago and he spent the last minute caring for her at home.

He regularly visits his wife's graveyard and ensures to keep it clean and tidy as well as having a bunch of colourful flowers at the headstone.

One day he said to me, 'the love for my wife is real, never dies with the course of time and I am pleased to able to find one wonderful woman.'

He continued, 'loving my wife means not just when she is at her best but most important when she is at her worst and I will honor her and love her to the day I die.'

ѹôŤҾ 92 շҹ˹ ѡɳ੾еǷժԵҨҡе͵ҹ

ҨջѭعçҧآҾ ҡѧբͧآоѧǡ觴֧ٴء椹ͺ


ҧѡ Ҩդ纻Ǵҹ ҡ᷺ʴҡФִѴҹͤ纻Ǵ͡

㹢з ԵҾҧҡԺⵧ͡

Դ¡Ѻѹ ҢͧªԵŧ»ա͹ ҡҨҷش´ҷҹ

ҨѧȾͧ繻Ш ѧȾѧҴºº 蹡ѹѺժʹ͡ѹʴʷԹ˹ѧȾ

ѹ˹ ٴѺѹ 'ѡͧյѡԧ ѹ仵 м㨷ö龺Ѻ˭ԧʹդ˹'

ǵ 'ѡҢͧ ¶֧ §㹪ǧշش ҷӤѭش㹪ǧش мõѡͨǺѹ¨ҡ'

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: side by side ѹ: 7 Զع¹ 2554 :6:14:38 .  

Nice love story kha :)

: loveTRAVEL1977 ѹ: 7 Զع¹ 2554 :8:37:24 .  


ѡҢͧ ¶֧ §㹪ǧշش ҷӤѭش㹪ǧش

: Nissan_n ѹ: 7 Զع¹ 2554 :13:58:24 .  

so nice to read this story ka ^^

: xyzjung ѹ: 7 Զع¹ 2554 :14:37:39 .  

ʴդФس . ҹ ҹǪͺͺء դ駹֡ͺҡʹǷҡФ..

'ѡҢͧ ¶֧ §㹪ǧշش ҷӤѭش㹪ǧش мõѡͨǺѹ¨ҡ'

ѹҧ繤ѡԧẺǡѺѡͧѺ١· ѡҡ

͡ѡҡ º ҴҴٴҡ

: س IP: ѹ: 7 Զع¹ 2554 :15:29:21 .  

ҹͧѡͧسا һзѺҡ¤
ͺѧͧš ԵդآйФ

: diamondsky ѹ: 8 Զع¹ 2554 :3:20:11 .  

ͺس . ѺͧҴ ֡ ء駷ҹ :)

: Nong IP: ѹ: 8 Զع¹ 2554 :14:35:08 .  

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