'Broken Heart'

I'm lost in a dream, with a mind's full of sadness,
I remember the good times, that we had in our madness,
Frozen tears with illusions of fire,
All of my life was filled with desire

Oh I wish we could go back to where we started,
Love, lost love, you're so cold, cold hearted,
The fire in your eyes gets me out of my mind,
How could it be, that you're so blind

Hunting the shadow, that was lost in the past
Like a soldier of fortune, who's life couldn't last,
Falling tears, from a love's not in vain
Time tells no lies, could our love come back again

Don't leave me alone
With my broken heart
Can't you see, that I've loved you from the start
Don't leave me alone
With my broken heart
Can't you see, that I've loved you from the start

By Axel Rudi Pell

In spite of the shattered heart, I agreed to see the former love on his request for the last time.

The moment I was confronted with him, old memories kept flashing.

Seemingly, we sat in silence for a moment and there were no words left to say between us.

He absolutely looked awkward and finally said that he wanted to remain in contact with me as a good friend if possible.

I had to draw my sorrow before rejecting his request.

It was really painful to finally accept that he has gone and will not be coming back even as a friend.

I suggested him to put the past behind us and better move onto new happiness in our lives.

Before walking away, I blessed him good luck for his new love even though a flood of tears was bursting deep-down inside.

Despite full of pains, I have such a big relief to be able to embrace the probability to gradually cease the hurt and have the power over me and then I will recover.

Of course, sadness and misery takes time to go away afterwards.

I just have a glimmer of hope that one day things will improve.

١ᵡ§ ѹ鵡ŧ͡ѺѡҵӢͧͧ 繤ش

Ǣзѹ༪ԭ˹ҡѺ çҡǺ

͹ ҹ㹤º仪Ǣ˹ СդӾٴٴѹҧ

ҴִѴҧԧ з·شҡ͡ ҵͧ÷ѧԴ͡Ѻѹ㹰ҹ͹դ˹ Ҩ

ѹͧӡ׹ŧ ͹лʸӢͧͧ

ѹ纻Ǵҧԧ㹷·شͧѺ ҡШѺ׹ա 㹰ҹ͹

ѹй ʹյҧѧǡ Сآ㹪ԵͧǡҨдա

͹Թҡ ѹ¾⪤աѺѡͧ ֧ ӵҨӹǹҡ¡ѧ֡͡

仴¤纻Ǵ ѹѺûŴͧҧ˭ǧ ö͡ЧѺ纻Ǵ硷й Сվѧѹ ǩѹзҿ鹵Ǣ

ҧ͹ ФءҹͧҷШҡѧ

ѹդѧҧ ѹ˹觵ҧоѲҴբ

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