Frequently, I have been asked about how to find and get a job when studying abroad.

So, whatever I have advised here truly comes from my own experience occurring in the beginning of my life in the UK.

In fact, there are several ways to get work overseas and some people may find it more difficult to achieve than others.

However, working in our own country alone can be a challenge so if we desire to work abroad, we have to possess much more determination.

To me, I believe everyone has their own skills and knowledge that they could benefit from.

If you come to the UK for studies and are holding a student visa, you are eligible for doing a 15-hour part-time work a week (previously a 20-hour part-time work a week).

In terms of earnings, you will get roughly £5 hourly.

First, you need to know, in order to find a job, you must be able to communicate in English to some degree.

Finding a waiting post in any oriental restaurants - Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese - is definitely possible.

Also, serving breakfast from 8:30 to 11:30 in a 2 or 3-star hotel may give you some pocket money.

Seeking a job in any coffee shops - Starbucks, Caffe Nero is promising too.

Being a babysitter in the evenings or on weekends would be a potential job as well.

You can bring some cool unique fashionable accessory items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarfs and sell them to a foreign friend which could make a double or triple profit.

Another good idea is that applying for a work-study course and then you do not need to look for a job because it is legal to work whilst studying relevant to the purpose of the course of gaining work experience.

I would say if you are an English language student, part-time work will certainly benefit you - improving your English, gaining more confidence, being familiar with a work life - apart from making some earnings.

You can look for a job online or check on the window of a local grocery shop where the advertisements are posted or ask someone you know to recommend you to their employers for work.

Then, you can apply for a job online or apply for a job in person and should have a good resume with at least 2 referees.

I highly recommend you to step out of the comfort zone and do your ultimate to embrace life experience as much as possible when living abroad.

Nevertheless, keep in mind, you are in another country for studies so your main priority is not for work.

I hope that the above suggestion helps you more or less and gets you started on how to find work overseas and generate your income.

I personally like this saying, 'The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. By Sven Goran Eriksson'.

¤ ѹ١ǡѺ ҧè֧ҧҹҹӢ¹˹ѧҧ

ѧ áѹйҨҡʺóçͧѹҧԧ Դ㹪ǧ鹢ͧԵҪҳҨѡѧ

ԧ ѹҡԸҡҹ㹵ҧ кҧҨоѹҡлʺҹҡҤ蹡

ҧá ҧҹҹ㹻Ȣͧǡͧ§Ӿѧ觷ҷ ѧ Ҿǡҵͧҹ㹵ҧ ǡҡͧդ蹵ҡ觢ҧҡ

Ѻѹ ѹ ء椹շѡФ繢ͧͧ öѺªҡѹ

ҤسҷҪҳҨѡѧ֡͡¹ СժҢͧѡ¹ سԷӧҹҷԵ 15 (͹˹ҹ ӧҹҷԵ 20 )

ǹͧ سѺҳ 5 ͹ͪ (ҳ 250 ҷͪ)

ҧáس繵ͧ ҹӤسͧöѧҧ

ҧҹ㹵˹觢ͧѡҹԿҹ - չ ҧ͹

蹡ѹ ԿҨҡǧ 8:30 ֧ 11:30 çдѺ 2 3 зسԹԴ

ҧҹҹ - ʵѤ ˹ҧմ蹡ѹ

繾§㹪ǧ͹ ͪǧشѻ繧ҹѡҾ蹡ѹ

سöйͧдѺῪ蹷͡ѡɳ ҧ ¤
Ҿѹ СѺ͹ҧҵ Ҩӡ֧ͧҵ

աԸ˹觷ա Ѥ¹ѡٵ work-study Фس繵ͧͧҧҹ ѹ١·зӧҹ仴¢з¹ ͧѺѵػʧͧѡٵ÷Ѻʺó÷ӧҹ

ѹ;ٴ Ҥس繹ѡ¹¹ѧ ҹɹ͡ҨªѺسҧ͹ - Ѳѧɢͧس Դҡ Դ¡ѺԵ÷ӧҹ ͡˹仨ҡ

سöҧҹ͹Ź 礵˹ҵҧͧ¢¢ͧ紷ͧ 觡ɳҵҧ١Դ ͶҧسѡйӤسѺ¨ҧͧҷӧҹ

ǤسöѤçҹ͹Ź Ѥôµͧ Ф÷㺻ѵ͡÷ӧҹ˹觾¼Ѻͧس 2 ҹ

ѹйӤسҧ͡Ҩҡдǡʺ¢ͧس ǡҧѧöͧس ͺʹʺóԵҡҷз 㹢зԵ㹵ҧ

ҧá سա˹֡͡¹ ѧǤӤѭѡͧس͡÷ӧҹ

ѹѧ йӢҧ¤سҧҡ Ъس鹷ҧö֧ҧҹҹ㹵ҧǡԴͧس

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Very useful!


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ͧԴҹ Blog سҷءѹ Ѻ˹ѧ; ͺŧѡ㹷ȹ :)

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ҹͧ͡س¤ ͺءͧس¹Ъͺ·ȹͧس ͺس :-)

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how are you doing?

: anigia ѹ: 26 áҤ 2554 :20:18:28 .  

ʴդФس ...

ٴ֧ͧҧҹ㹵ҧ ҡ ժͧҧҡ͡ҹФ ੾йѡ֡ ҹ쿵ҹ ٨繪ͧҧշ ѧࡵҡͧ͹ѹ ǹ˭ӧҹɷҹ ѡ ...

繴¡Ѻس¤ ҼŻªҡ÷ӧҹ ͡ҡ pocket money Ѻ 价ӧҹѺҢͧ ѧ֡ ʺóҧ ͧ ҧ ... ҡ͡ҹ §ͧ ժͧҧ͹Ф ... ͺسѺ quote Фس ...

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"ػä˭شͤ ǵͤ" ԧѺ

Т͹ 繤йӷҡ Ѻ

: bayesian ѹ: 26 áҤ 2554 :23:21:47 .  

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