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'Love is missing someone whenever you are apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you are close in heart.' By Kay Knudsen

The other days I received his e-mail saying, 'I miss you very much', which conveyed his genuine feeling to me.

I can remember the moment of having something glowing within my heart and I feel thankful to have had the experience, when acquiring his message.

It also stirs my mind, 'What do I do if I miss someone?'

As unveiling my feeling to someone seems to be uneasy, what I would do, when missing someone is to hide it because of not wanting to ruin my ego.

But, what he did is the opposite, he put his ego aside and let me know that he missed me.

Whatever may be the reason he keeps on thinking of me, it cherishes the good moments we spent together and it surely brings a smile on my face.

'ѡ äԴ֧ҧáسҧ͡ ҧ㴡ѧդ֡ͺͧҡسѹ' Kay Knudsen

ͧѹ͹ѹѺͧҺ͡ 'Դ֧سҡ' ·ʹ֡ԧ㨢ͧѧѹ


蹡ѹѹҡе鹤Դͧѹ 'ѹзöҩѹԴ֧ҧ?'

ͧҡ Դ¤֡ͧѹյͤҧ͹ ÷ѹзͤԴ֧ä˹觡 ëء͹ѹͧ÷з¤йǢͧѹŧ

÷Ҥ鹷ӹ鹡Ѻçѹ һҧйǢͧҧ͹حҵѹѺ ҤԴ֧ѹ

áҨ˵ؼŷѧԴ֧ѹ ѹҷйضѡǧҷѹҧ͹شѹ˹Ңͧѹ

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I really love your blog !! Thanks for sharing

: Nong IP: ѹ: 10 ѹҤ 2555 :12:38:34 .  

I miss your blog. =^_^=

: ishi_imp ѹ: 10 Ҥ 2556 :16:35:09 .  

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