Last Sunday I attended a colleague's birthday party and hung out with friends from the same workplace at the party.

The birthday host let the drinks flow with beers, red wine, white wine, champagne, etc.

At party, I found myself drinking beers bottle per bottle, hard drinks shot by shot and sipping some cocktails as well.

I tended to forget to set some rules or limits and I ended up drinking much more than I could handle.

Insanely, I lost myself and went into a drunken state. I said things I do not usually say and did things I do not usually do.

Also, I ran to the toilet and worship it with my vomit.

When the night was over for me, I felt I had a hard time walking or even just standing so a friend of mine had to drive me home and put me to bed.

My mind was blank and I wanted to sleep and rest. I woke up in the following afternoon and had a heavy feeling in my head.

I spent the next two days recovering from a hang-over. And, I remained sick and became dehydrated because I could not eat or even drink water.

I think I learn a lesson from this experience that I should know my own limit of intolerance to alcohol.

After having two days off work, I went to do my work shift and felt utterly humiliated to see my pictures of being drunk.

Now, it becomes a normal fear for me of getting drunk and making a fool out of myself.

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