We have heard that lots of success is just right around the corner. And, those success stories are brewing there to bring us some inspiration.

I have also got a success story of my close friend to share with you.

How my friend can achieve success in her career life is not a secret but it is a process with a lot of obstacles and problems she overcame.

Many years ago, my friend and I worked as a nurse within the same unit together in a private hospital in Bangkok.

She then happily married her university boyfriend and both of them moved to USA for further studies.

In the beginning, only her husband went ahead to do a Master degree whilst she got to work hard to support him.

Unfortunately, living abroad was a hard-knock life for them, their marriage eventually ended up.

Even though she was heartbroken and felt hopeless, she remained positive to revive her life back.

She moved out of the house they lived together and rent a room in a friend's family.

She was determined to continue her further studies in a university whereas working full-time days and nights.

While doing her doctoral thesis, she was recruited by one of the best-known universities in USA for the post of a professor.

Incredibly, she was the only Thai professor at the university who was well-accepted.

Now, she is well-known for her work of conducting research and is working as a professor at National University of Singapore.

To me, success comes to her who defeats a failure and dares to bounce when hitting the bottom.

Her victory reminds me of this saying, 'I do the very best I know how - the very best I can and I mean to keep on doing so until the end. By Abraham Lincoln'.

ǡԹͧǢͧҡ· ͧǢͧҹ鹷Դ鹷蹡ҫçѹ㨺ҧҡѺ

ѹͧǢͧͧ˹觢ͧ͹ʹԷ 觻ѹѺǡس

÷͹ͧѹҧèʺ˹ҷçҹͧ Ѻ ѹ͡кǹ÷Сͺ仴ػäлѭҡ Ҫѹҧҡ

»ա͹ ͹ͧѹЩѹӧҹ繾ҺŴ¡ѹἹǡѹ çҺ͡˹㹡ا෾

͡觧ҹҧդآѺΌͧԷ Ƿ駤¹ͷԡ

㹪ǧ բͧ§¹ͻԭ 㹢з͵ͧӧҹҧ˹ѡʹѺʹع

⪤Ңҧ Ե㹵ҧᴹ繪ԵҡӺҡѺǡ ·شԵ觧ҹ稺ŧ

ͤᵡ֡ѧ ͡ѧͧշСͺԵͧ͡Ѻ׹

͡ҡҹǡ¡ѹ Сͧ͡㹤ͺǢͧ͹

դ蹷дԹ¹ͷԷ зͧӧҹҷ駡ҧѹСҧ׹

㹪ǧ͡ѧԷҹԾͧԭ͡ ١ҺҷӧҹѺԷ˹㹺ôԷ·ժ§շشԡ Ѻ˹ʵҨ

ҧ ͤʵҨ줹§ǷԷ觹 ѺѺҧ

Ѩغѹ ͡繷ѡҧѺŧҹä鹤Ԩ¢ͧ СӧҹʵҨԷ觪ҵԢͧԧ

Ѻѹ ͼ觵ҪФ Сҭжպ͡Ͷ֧شش

ªТͧ͹ѹ֧֡Ӿٴ 'ѹҧշشҡ觩ѹҨзҧ - ҧշشҡ觩ѹö Щѹ㨷зҧͧǺз觶֧ش»·ҧ Abraham Lincoln'

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ҷءöѺ ^^



: nuynongryu IP: ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :4:41:17 .  

when one door closes, another opens. That's why we shall never give up hope. Congrats to your friend.

: LRRH IP: ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :6:43:13 .  

Թմ¤ ͹觨ѧ :) 繵ҧҡ¹ФҨмԴѧ衤ѡ ŤԴѧçѡ㹡Ե·ҧ騹 Թմ¨ҡ㨤

: loveTRAVEL1977 ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :8:46:17 .  

֡ҡ¤ ѧҡҹ Ф ʹչͧ¡ѧͧ֡ҵ ҡҹ çѹ㨴 Ẻ

: ѡ ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :9:38:16 .  

ͧªͺҡ͡..ŧͧ miley cyrus ҡ س¹дմ .. ͺس觻ѹ觴 Ф

: ѡ ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :11:02:29 .  

Թմ¤ ʹ˭ԧѡǨԧ

: 鹵 IP: ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :11:46:53 .  




: bayesian ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :13:25:33 .  

cool story.

: sunny IP: ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :16:33:56 .  

ѹѡǡѺ͹ͧسҡ¹Ф ҹçѹըԧ ... ء͡ "Դ" §ҷ ... ͺҾسһСͺ͡ ѡ

: Tristy ѹ: 25 áҤ 2554 :13:30:54 .  

ҹ çִ 㹪ǧͧѴԹúҧҧ

ͺسѺͧǴ ѹ

: ͧ IP: ѹ: 25 áҤ 2554 :14:38:52 .  

ͺسͧǴ 觻ѹ

Т͹حҵ friend's blog ¹Ф

: someone watching over me ѹ: 27 áҤ 2554 :23:02:34 .  

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