No matter how experienced I am in terms of a job interview, it always gets on my nerves when encountering one.

The other day I went on having a job interview for a new post in Neuro Theatres within a well-known hospital.

The interview panel consisted of 2 top titles of the department.

Prior to the interview, I did some preparation to make my interview run smoothly as it was the job I had intention of taking.

First, I researched the hospital thoroughly via the hospital website to find current information associated with the department.

Then, I tried to memorise some facts about the hospital and the department and be prepared to cite them during the interview.

I also talked to people who have worked at the hospital and the department to get further information.

In order to make sure I knew the hospital's location, I went on a practice run to know how much time I needed to get there.

I ensured to dress to impress professionally as well.

During the interview, I did what I could to win the post I wanted.

I initially greeted the interview panel and then introduced myself to them.

As a relaxing environment was necessary so my sunny smile helped to captivate the interviewers.

I also asked some intelligent questions to impress the interviewers.

There was a big sigh of relief once the interview came to an end.

And, I am now looking forward to the result of the interview which will be notified in the next few days.

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ǩѹШӢŵҧǡѺçҺἹ Сҧԧҧɳ

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ѹʶҹ駢ͧçҺ ѹԹҧ价çҺŹ ѹ繵ͧҡ÷件֧

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ͧҡ ҡȷ͹觨 ѧԧʢͧѹҧʹ֧ٴ㨼ɳ

蹡ѹ ѹӶѡ ͷҧзѺ㨡Ѻɳ

ѹաö͹ҧ͡ҡ ͡ɳ騺ŧ

ѹ㹢йѧ駵ͤ¼Ţͧɳ 觨١Һաͧѹҧ˹

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