After my break-up for quite a while ago, I think it is time that I am going to fully smile, I am going to fully laugh and I am going to be fully happy.

Although a break-up is a sad loss and it is almost intolerable, it helps me to muster my strength to face a new challenge.

I must admit during this time of Christmas, I may need some romance to ignite my spirit and feel love through my heart.

'Why is love important?', this may seem like a stupid question to hear out but many times we may come across it.

I think many people have a lot to learn about love but at least they are making progress. So, do I.

In the past, I found a relationship fall apart and it shattered my heart. However, I eventually get over it.

I truly believe love makes people feel good about themselves because it makes them feel valued.

So, the pursuit of love will begin to attract love and keep love.

'We are given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other is given to someone else. For us to find.' By Unknown

ѧҡԡѹ仢ͧѹҹѡ˹ ѹԴѹ֧ҷѹҧ ѹҧ зѹդآҧ

ԡҡѹ令͡٭·ҧ˹ѹͺз鷹 ѹ©ѹǺ觢ͷ༪ԭѺ觷ҷ

ѹͧѺ ҧǧҢͧʵʹ ѹҨШ繵ͧͧѡҧͷҨشСѺԵ㨢ͧѹС֧֡ѡмҹ㨢ͧѹ

'ѡ֧Ӥѭ?' ӶҨд͹繤ӶӶ˹觷Թ ҡ¤¤ҡǡҨкѧԭԹѹ

ѹԴ ӹǹҡҡ·еͧ¹ǡѺѡ ҧ·شǡҡѧԴá˹Ң ѧǡѺѹ

ʹյ ѹ龺ѺѹҾǾѧ ѹ㨢ͧѹᵡ´ ҧá ѹ㹷·ش鹵ǢҨҡѹ

ѹҧԧ ѡ餹֡ǡѺǢͧǡͧ ѹǡ֡դس

ѧ õѡ鹢ͷд֧ٴѡС纤ѡ

'١ͺ ͧҨѺ ͧԹ ͧͧ ͧѧ ҷ֧§ǧ? աǧ١ͺѺ ͷҨ仵' ؤŷҺ

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