In order to become fluent in English and be able to read, speak, listen, write and communicate effectively, it does not happen just overnight.

As no one succeeds without making an effort, any language learners should persist in effort to learn the language.

For many years I have endeavored to improve my English and am constantly on the go until now.

It is said that the natural order of the skills to be learned in any languages including English is listening, speaking, reading, then writing consecutively.

When learning a language, practice is a key which will bear fruit overwhelmingly.

To have English fluency is not related to how smart a person is. But, to submerge oneself in the language and he or she will learn several times faster.

Carrying around an iPod and constantly listening to English sentences or regularly using a MP3 player can speed up English learning.

Whilst listening, do not just listen, speak out loud following those sentences in conversation. By doing so, it will help a learner achieve his or her goal of speaking English efficaciously as well.

Also, making a habit of reading an English book regularly can help to improve the reading skill. But, reading should be fun, the book should not be too difficult and reading things should be more than once.

To write good English, the most first important aspects of improvement are vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Once, knowing how to use words, where to place them, how to write sentences, a learner can get started English writing.

For a start, a learner can write about anything to create a 100-word paragraph (about 10-12 writing lines) and should keep doing it as a daily task like writing a personal diary.

In short, to become skillful in English, by means of the consistency of practice is neccessary.

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¹ ý֡ حᨫ觨СԴҧ鹢Ҵ

÷դӹҭѧǢͧ ؤŤ鹩Ҵ˹ 繡÷ͧҹͤ鹡¹Ǣҵҡ

þ iPod Сѧ¤ѧɵҧҧͧ ͧ MP3 繻Шӡö觡¹ѧǢ

зѧ ѧҧ þٴ͡§ѧ¤ҹ㹺ʹ ¡÷ҧ ѹЪ¹ض֧¢ͧþٴѧҧջԷҾ蹡ѹ

蹡ѹѺ ÷繹㹡ҹ˹ѧѧ繻Шö¾ѲҷѡСҹ ҹ鹡ʹء ˹ѧ͡èҡԹ Сҹ觵ҧáзҡ˹觤

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ҡӵҧҧ ҹ鹹ҧ˹ ¹¤ҧҧ ¹ö鹡¹ѧ

Ѻ ¹ö¹ǡѺ ͨҧä˹˹Ңͧ˹¤ (ҳ 10-12 ÷Ѵ¹) С÷зҧͧ繧ҹШѹҧ˹ ͹Ѻ ¹ǹ

ػ ÷Ǫҭӹҭѧ ¡¤͵ͧͧý֡鹨繢Ҵԧ

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