' * u c k Y o u!'

This saying is a real fact, 'Control your anger before it controls you'.

Although anger is a normal response to a threat, it can sabotage people if they cannot control it and let it become a habit.

Usually, I have good patience but not so long ago I let myself fly off the handle easily.

I still remember that day I was in charge of the chaotic shift taking care of many ill patients and stress was deemed to be high.

I worked with three HCA subordinates and one of them was kind of very lazy and very slack.

The amount of work was overloaded and unfortunately, that male health care assistant was a great burden for the team.

During doing a task, he kept playing with his mobile phone or disappearing from the room without telling anyone.

Although I warned him in person to improve his work performance, he completely ignored it.

He was not mindful of my warning and did not cut out his nonsense.

At one point, I lost my control and used an obscene word of '*uck you' to him in front of the patients and other staff.

His face turned red, he went upset whereas I then walked away.

However, I later apologised to him for swearing at him which was unprofessional.

I wish I knew a better way to deal with my anger when I was steamed.

ӡǹ Ѩԧ˹ 'ǺøͧǤسͧ ͹øѹФǺس'

ø繡õͺʹͧԵ觷Ҥء ѹöк͹¼餹 ҹǺѹ Сѹ繹

» ѹդʹ ҹҹҹ ѹͧøѴҧ´

ѹѧ ѹѺ˹ҷ÷ع˹觫觵ͧż¨ӹǹҡ Ф´֡Ҩ٧

ѹӧҹѺ١ͧ繼¾Һ 3 ˹㹾ǡҡ繻¨ҡСҡ

ҳͧҹŴҡԹ С⪤շ¾ҺŪ¤ѧзҡµͷҹ

ҧѧӧҹ ҡѧʹء仡ѺѾͧ͢ µ͡仨ҡͧ»Ȩҡú͡

ѹ͹繡ǹѺا÷ӧҹͧ ҡԡµѹҧԧ

㨵ͤ͹ͧѹ СѴТͧ͡

֧ش˹ ѹ٭¡äǺͧ СӾٴҺ ' ***' Ѻҵ˹Ҥоѡҹ

˹Ңͧҡ¹ᴧѴҡ 㹢зѹԹ˹ըҡ

ҧá ѹѧ͡ʺ 觶ըҺó

ѹöѹ˹ҧա ͡èѴáѺøͧѹͩѹ֡ʹش

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