It is said that to lose the trust of others is to lose one's own integrity.

In health service, trust greatly matters in the doctor-patient relationship.

I have one patient who had nausea accompanied with a propensity to vomit after dialysis for a couple of weeks.

After the dialysis, he always ran to the nearest toilet to vomit and it would continue for the rest of the day once he got back home.

No matter how much I persisted in instructing him to be seen by a doctor in the unit, he kept refusing to consent to my advice.

I could not put up with his obstinacy any longer so I asked him, 'Could you tell me why you do not want a doctor to come and see you?'.

He then replied, 'I very much appreciate your concern, Da. But I do not think those junior doctors can really help me'.

He continued, 'At any time, I feel unwell, they come and do nothing to help me get better. I think they know nothing and also lack for competence'.

I calmly responded to him, 'Do you know how long it takes to study in a medical school to become a doctor? So, that means they definitely know diseases and treatments'.

He answered me, 'They might know the theory but I am not a guinea pig that they can use in order to gain more competence in practice'.

It is very sad to see when faith between doctor and patient is breached, it can adversely affect the well-being of the patient.

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ͺѹ 'ǡҨɮ ˹ٷͧǡöͷդöǪҭҡ㹷ҧԺѵ'

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'Good doctors worry about their patients.', and this says so much in so few words.

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