Generally, I am living a good normal life - having a good decent career, meeting great people, having great times, etc.

But, on the inside, my heart feels tired and weak for some reason from time to time.

As a result, I may be easily moved to emotions - sadness, loneliness, frustration, irritability and so on.

Whenever, my emotional side tends to take control of me, I do not have the willpower or energy to do anything.

I think it is not unusual that people sometimes have an emotional whim.

It is suggested that allowing oneself to be in an unhappy feeling is better than forcing it underground, where it can do more damage with time.

But, getting stuck in an unpleasant mood for long does not do any good as well.

At anytime, when I become a victim of the weak emotion, I will go for a walk, take a deep breath and feel the presence. Then, I can feel good again.

Even though gaining an emotional strength seems to be an uphill task, I have to find a way to build it in order to become bold in facing life again.

In fact, if I want to live life wholeheartedly, being positive and confident will lead to life with on a pleasant note.

I believe our potential is all inside us and it is like an inner power that inspires and give strength to us.

Once, we discover our own inner potential, we will be amazed by what life offers us.

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÷Ѻ觢ͧѺ ͹繧ҹҡӺҡҹ˹ ѹͧҷҧзѹ ͨդҭ༪ԭѺԵա˹

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