I have often been asked about the reason for wanting to work abroad. Apparently, there are many positive reasons for wanting to nurse overseas.

In may case, I am attracted by the challenge of working and living in another country with a different culture, a higher salary and a better standard of living.

Furthermore, the experience abroad enhances my development and increases my confidence both in a personal and a professional capacity.

However, although nursing abroad can be a very rewarding and valuable experience, it may not be as glamorous as it first appears and the reality of overseas work may be very different from that expected.

Working in a developed country in highly technical environments can make the work more interesting and enjoyable but it is important to understand how the health sector in a country is organised.

More importantly, learning the language of the country is necessary as it will be difficult to practice safely and completely without a good command of the host language.

My advice is that preparing to work overseas needs careful consideration and organisation.

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㹡óբͧѹ ѹ١֧ٴ¤ҷ¢ͧӧҹԵա˹觷Ѳᵡҧ͡ Թ͹٧ дҵðҹäͧվա

ҡ仡ҹ ʺó㹵ҧȪѲҡâͧѹз㨢ͧѹ鹷駴ҹѡҾǹдҹҪվçҹ

ҧá ҡ繾Һ㹵ҧ繻ʺóդس ѹҨ§ʹҷѹҡ㹤á㹤繨ԧͧ÷ӧҹ㹵ҧȹ鹡Ҩᵡҧҧҡ仨ҡ觷Ҵѧ

÷ӧҹ㹻ȷѲǴҹ෤Ԥ٧öҹ鹹ʹԴԹҡ ѹӤѭеͧ㨶֧ҹԡ÷ҧآҾͧȹաèѴҧúҧ

Ӥѭҡ仡ҹ ¹Ңͧȹ鹡觨ѹҨҡ͡÷ӧҹҧʹó躡ͧ һȨҡö㹡ҢͧҢͧȹ

йӢͧѹ 价ӧҹ㹵ҧȨ繵ͧաǭԨó

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such an intriguing subject!

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