In fact, there are not so many Thai students who can afford to study abroad.

So, those who are fortunate to become an international student should take the most of their study abroad experience.

One of the most rewarding experiences of studying abroad can be obtained through working.

I think Thai students who are studying in the UK should find work as it will help them to improve the English language, get to know British people and society better and also develop their personal and practical skills.

Once the student visa application is successful, Thai students have to apply for a National Insurance number (through the Job Centre Plus website) as necessary for a job application when they are in the UK.

It is always wise to check up on the places of study as they will have a career service centre to help connect an international student to the world of work.

I would like to suggest those Thai students who are seeking for part-time employment whilst studying in the UK to apply for a job within UK employers in order to gain UK work experience.

To my knowledge, getting a job offer in an NHS hospital setting can be applicable such as serving food to a patient, making tea for a patient, transferring a patient, etc.

Gaining work experience abroad can add up value to a student's future life.

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㴷âիҹѡ¹ʺ ѡ¹¡ͧѤâŢСѹͧѧ (ҹҧ䫵ͧ Job Centre Plus) ͧҡѹ繵͡ѤçҹҪҳҨѡѧ



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