' '

ͤ ҹ
Youve probably realised these things

Without saying any words

ͤ ҡء
Youve probably realised from everything that happened

When the two of us were close

ѹ ׹§ѹ
Though those days can only continue as a dream

They can only be in the past of yesterday

Youve probably realised that no matter how long its been

Its not too long for my heart to remember

ѹ ͤ
Ill keep those times in my heart, when I had you

And how I feel at this moment

繤Դ֧ ҹ
Is a longing for you, regardless how long

ͨ ͧԧ㹤ç
Youll be in my heart, a real matter in my memory

ѹ ЩѹҨ
Ill keep it in my heart because I shouldnt

׹͹׹ѹ ǹ
Try to force the days to turn back again

§Դ֧ Ѻҡ
I can only miss you from now on

ͨ ͧԧ㹤ç
Youll be in my heart, a real matter in my memory

Ill keep it inside

Ill keep it inside

Ill keep it inside

Almost three months ago, I had a chance to know one English man and we seemed to have a lot of things in common.

He has lived in a country in the south-eastern part of South America for many years. So, we came to learn about each other through email.

And, about two weeks ago, he had an intended plan to visit England for doing his personal business and meeting up with me.

Although it was a happy time for me to get to know him more in person, I was unsure whether it was something called 'love'.

I reckon I am perhaps kind of picky or choosy, especially in relating to starting a relationship with someone.

Eventually, I revealed the uncertainty of my feeling to him and it broke my heart when seeing him in sadness and frustration.

After he flew back home, he emailed me saying, 'I do not give up and will not give up.'

I then sent him the song of Singular named 'A real matter' in a hope that he will sensibly understand my true feeling.

ͺ͹ ѹ͡ѡѺ˹ѧɤ˹ҡ͹觵ҧҡ·ѹ

Ե˹ǹѹ͡§ͧջԡ» ѧҨ֧¹觡ѹСѹҹҧ

лҳͧҷԵҹ Ἱ㨨ѧҷӸǹǢͧСҾѺѹ

ѹ繪ǧҷդآѺѹӤѡѺҡ繡ǹ ѹѹ繺ҧ觺ҧҧ¡ 'ѡ'

ѹԴ ѹҧǤ繻ҧ͡͡ҡͧ ੾ͧǾѹѺ鹢ͧѹҾѺҧ

·ش ѹԴ¤㨢ͧ֡ͧѹѺѹ㨢ͧѹ纻Ǵҵ㹤ФԴѧ

ѧҡҺԹѺҹ ҩѹк͡ 'Ш'

ѹ֧ŧͧǧԧҷ 'ͧԧ' Ҵ¤ѧ Ҩҧ˵ؼŶ֧֡ԧͧѹ

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