No matter you want to create a writing in Thai or in English, it does not mean that the work of good writing just contains no bad mistakes - no errors of grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Most importantly, it must be writing that responds to the interests of readers.

Nothing comes without a price, good writing is the result of much practice and hard work.

The ability to write well is not a gift that people are born with but willingness and determination can help to improve a writing.

Most of people think that I am one of those who makes writing look easy. However, I must say it is a result of regular practice that makes me a better writer.

I like to write a story that I know best and believe to intrigue the others.

I write a narrative in English first and then translate it into Thai.

Once I know the topic I am going to write, I will search for relevant information and study it thoroughly.

The more I read, the more I know about the defined topic.

If there is a doubt of a vocabulary in the English definition, I will check up on the accuracy of it through a dictionary.

Writing is just a piece of work so if you want to create a good writing, you should sharpen your skill and enjoy your writing.

Also, if you have the right attitude toward writing, you will grow more satisfied with your work.

Ҥسͧèҧäҹ¹ѧ ѹ¤ ŧҹͧҹ¹աСͺ仴¡բͼԴҴ - ͼԴҴͧҡó ͼԴҴͧͧä͹ ҢͼԴҴͧС

Ӥѭҡش ѹͧ繧ҹ¹ͺʹͧʹ㨢ͧҹ

÷»ȨҡҤҤҧǴŧعŧç ҹ¹աͼѾͧý֡С÷ӧҹ˹ѡҧҡͧ

ö㹡¹ҧ 繾ä褹Դբ Ҥ ҹö¾Ѳҡ¹

ǹ˭Դ ѹ˹㹺ôҤҹ鹷¹ͧ ҧá ѹͧͺ͡ ѹͼŢͧý֡繻Шӷѹ繼¹բ



㴷ѹǢͷѹѧ¹ ѹФ鹤ҢŷǢͧС֡ѹҧ´ǹ

觩ѹҹҡ ѹҡǡѺǢͷ١˹

բʧǡѺѾҹӨӡѴѧ ѹеǨͺ١ͧͧѹҹҧҹء

¹ҹ˹ ѧ鹶Ҥسͧ÷ҧäҹ¹ سèТѴҷѡТͧسԴԹ仡Ѻ¹ͧس

蹡ѹҤسշȹԷ١ͧǡѺ¹ سԴҡ鹡Ѻŧҹͧس

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u are right ka

: Maeboon ѹ: 6 ѹ¹ 2554 :9:01:54 .  

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