I spent this weekend viewing a new rented house I wanted to move in and checking a car I wanted to buy.

Lately, I began thinking of moving to a rural area where I can relax and have more peace after a hard day at work.

And, I have to make a compromise on leaving an urban life so I need a car to drive to work whilst I can pleasantly live in beautiful green surroundings.

I want my brain to have a less impact on dealing with stress and emotion affected by living among the crowds.

The car I have just bought is a 2-year old second-hand car with 3 doors which suits me well with the reasonable price and practical use.

As living in a modern flat for over 2 years, my new shelter is a detached house, having 2 double bedrooms, open plan kitchen & living room, rear garden and on street permitted parking space.

This house is located in a quiet residential suburban area where accesses to green space with less pollution, less crowding and less noise.

Hopefully, moving to a rural area will sooth my frayed nerves and improve my well-being.


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