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20 years ago, as a child when watching the movie called 'E.T.', there has been one sentence always capturing the heart of mine up until now, which is 'E.T. Go Home'.

Now, my feeling of wanting to return home is overwhelming and very exciting like 'E.T.' in that movie.

Like many immigrants, I am looking forward to going back to my home, to my family, friends and to the culture that I know best.

I feel like I have changed a lot while I have been away from home. Hopefully, my family and friends may not find it difficult to get used to the 'new me'.

In spite of going home for a short period of time, a familiar way of life at home will definitely make me feel overjoyed and blissful.

At home, I will have my mind at ease and familiar people will pamper me very well.

For sure, visiting home after a long absence will allow me to enjoy being with friends and family and re-discovering my own home.

'E.T. Go Home'!

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'..' Ѻҹ!

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