Not so long ago, I chatted with one Thai who has worked in a Thai restaurant in England for many years.

He mentioned that he was worried about the security of his current job in a restaurant and wished to have a chance to get a different type of job.

The problem is that he feels not having a good command of the English language in spite of living and working in an English speaking country for a long time.

I personally believe that a number of Thai workers overseas may have a problem that is similar to his.

For many Thais, it may seem that working abroad is the possibly best opportunity to seeing the world and funding their families.

However, the development effort of the English language for those Thai workers should be persistent in order to achieve more and go farther than they have ever expected.

I feel that it does not matter what type of jobs we Thais are doing abroad but we must and should keep in mind to being equipped with linguistic competence that will help us simply get a new job in case of losing one.

Apparently, those who work abroad have a better opportunity to enhancing their language skills if they want to do.

As a Thai worker overseas, continuing practising my English does not necessarily take too much time. I just do whatever that engages in improving my English ability both at work and at home.

At work, I always converse with those native English speaking colleagues as much as possible and also willingly do paperwork in English.

At home, I like spending time watching news and TV programmes in English, listening to nice English music and reading English publication as well.

I think that we should not make any excuses for not doing whatever we could to learn and develop the language if English is an absolute necessity for us.

ҹҹ ѹٴ¡Ѻ¤˹觷ӧҹҹ㹻ѧ»ҡ

¶֧ ֡ԵѧšѺҹ㹻Ѩغѹͧҹлöҷ͡ҹᵡҧ͡


ѹǹ դӧҹ㹵ҧȨӹǹ˹觷ҨջѭҤ¤֧Ѻͧ

Ѻ¨ӹǹҡ ѹ͹ҡӧҹ㹵ҧ͡ʷշش͡龺šСèѴԹͺǢͧǡ

ҧá ҧþѲѧɤӧҹҹ鹤èҧͧ ͷʺҡСŢ鹡ҷǡ¤Ҵѧ

ѹ֡ ѹӤѭҧҹ˹ǡҤ¡ѧ㹵ҧ ǡҵͧФèШ͡Ѻöҧҹ 觨Ъ¾ǡҹҧҡ繹ѡ 㹡óշ赡ҹ

ҧѴਹ ҹ鹷ӧҹҧ͡ʷա㹡ٹѡзҧҹ Ҿǡҵͧ÷з

㹰ҹз繤ӧҹ·ҧȤ˹ ý֡ѧҧͧͧѹ繵ͧҷҡ¨Թ ѹáǢͧѺþѲһѺاöҧѧɢͧѹ駷ӧҹзҹ

ӧҹ ѹоٴѺҹٴѧҵԴҹҡҷд蹡ѹѺ÷ӧҹ͡÷ѧҧ͡

ҹ ѹͺ仡Ѻô٢¡÷շѧ ѧŧѧɴСҹ觵վѧɴ蹡ѹ

ѹԴ ǡèբҧѺáǡöͷ¹оѲ ѧɤ觷ҧ͹Ѻǡ

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Consistency is the best policy to improve my English ka.

: kaew IP: ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2555 :3:53:28 .  

Couldn't agree more :)

: Aunt Alex IP: ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2555 :14:27:07 .  

I agree with you :) kon phuket

: phuket_man ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2555 :17:22:44 .  

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