A week ago I was approached for a cruise ship nurse job by a well-known recruitment agency working in partnership with one of the world's most prestigious cruise ship companies.

After submitting my CV to the recruiter, I was informed that my nursing background was potentially very good for this kind of the job.

At first, I had no idea about working on a cruise ship, so I did research and was later on amazed by the great benefits offered such as a chance to travel the world for free, no need to pay for living expenses and a chance to save up money.

I wonder what it is like to work on a cruise ship and whether it is a good job.

In reality, there are the good and the bad of working on a cruise ship.

However, I think working on a cruise ship does not seem to be such a bad thing if I can earn a living whilst being given a chance to see the world.

Hopefully, I am fortunate experiencing life on board that goes worldwide in the near future.

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