During my vacation in Chiang Mai, I experienced some local people having difficulties in communicating in the English language with foreigners.

I saw an American struggling to explain a food vender at a street stall about what food he wanted to order.

Another English man tried to ask students for the toilet in a shopping centre but they did not know what he was talking about.

A hotel receptionist got a phone call for a guest and kept trying to let him know about the details of the phone call.

When I was watching TV in a hotel room and there was a live programme discussing about the issue of lack of language competency by the current Thai prime minister.

Of course, there is no denying that the knowledge of the English language is one of the most important tools available to almost everyone nowsaday.

And, I truly understand how difficult it is for any non-native speakers to learn and improve the skills of the English language.

When I first came to England, I was incapable to communicate in English and I greatly felt frustrated and hopeless.

So, I have worked really hard to improve my English and make a strong grasp of the language.

Yes, English language and learning English is very important for us as it is extensively used in many ways of our daily lives.

It seems we are moving into a world where not knowing English is not going to be an option anymore.

So, why we do not start learning English and practising it right now and we will be able to communicate with people from other parts of the world.

ҧشѡ͹ͧѹ§ ѹʺѺͧ蹺ҧդҡӺҡ㹡ѧɡѺǵҧҵ

ѹ繤ԡѹ˹觴ù͸Ժ¤÷ҹ ǡѺ÷ҵͧè

ѧա˹ѡ¹ǡѺͧٹä ҹѡ¹ ҡѧٴ֧

ѡҹ͹Ѻͧç˹ѺѾͧᢡ Сҧ˹ѡзᢡ֧´ͧѾ

ͩѹѧٷͧѡç ¡ʴԻ¶§ǡѺ繢ͧâҴöҾҧҢͧ¡Ѱբͧ¤Ѩغѹ

ҧ͹ աûʸ ҧҹѧ ˹ͧͷ·Ӥѭҡشöª ͤͺзء㹻Ѩغѹ

ѹҧԧ֧ҡӺҡҧѺҢͧ ͡¹оѲһѺاѡѧ

ͩѹҶ֧ѧ㹵͹á ѹöѧ Щѹִ֡ѴѺͧСѧҧҡ

ѧ ѹ֧ҧ˹ѡԧоѲѧɢͧѹ СԴҧ˹ѡ蹢ͧ

ѧС¹ѧɹӤѭҡѺǡ ͧҡ ѧ١ҧҧҧҡǷҧͧԵШѹͧ

ѹ͹ ҡѧ͹š觡ѧ ѧҧ͡ա

ѧ ǡҶ֧鹷¹ѧн֡ѹ͹ ҡöáѺ餹ҡǹͧš

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Me too

: deco_mom ѹ: 30 Ȩԡ¹ 2554 :14:10:51 .  

yes you say right me too like know need learn.

: Nook IP: ѹ: 30 Ȩԡ¹ 2554 :15:07:02 .  

we are can if we are try

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