It would be a lie to say that living abroad has not changed me at all.

Living abroad alters perception of my identity in a subtle way whereas I have got to deal with the change, differences and newness in another country.

Prior to migrating to the UK, I fantasised about making a fresh start, about trying something totally new.

I left many things 3,000 miles away but for better or worse I could not predict ahead.

In the beginning of life abroad, it seemed I was walking around and getting lost until my feet hurt because I felt too embarrassed to ask for help.

Time passes by, working and living in a foreign culture has forced me to develop a more stern and assertive side.

I have met good people and bad people on my life journey.

Now, I like to think I have a broader perspective on this chaotic world.

Living outside my homeland for almost 6 years, it has somehow molded me into the person I am today.

One thing is that I have the confidence I never had while living faraway from home.

This confidence has enabled me to rise up to the challenge and do things I never thought I would ever do.

I have learned to assert myself and I am no longer shy to ask questions or to express my opinion.

However, it does not matter where I am, I am always who I am and that is the most important thing.

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ѹз觵ҧҡ 3,000 ͡ ͷբŧѹöӹǧ˹

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Ѩغѹ ѹͺФԴ ѹշȹͧǡѺšѺʹ㺹ҧ

Ե͡ȺҹԴͺ 6 ҧá ѹѹؤŷ繵ǩѹѹ

˹觡 ѹդ㨫觩ѹҡ͹㹢зԵҧŨҡҹ

㨹öѹء觷ҷ С觵ҧѹ¤Դҩѹз

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ҧá ѹӤѭҩѹ˹ ѹ͵ǩѹ й蹡觷Ӥѭҡش

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