Recently, I refused love that one amazing person offered me.

Despite the fact that I used the softest way to turn down his love, he was still hurt.

As we are colleagues, it is obvious that he tries avoiding me at work.

Even though I would love to continue to be good friends without hurting him, it is doomed to fail.

Perhaps, what I did made him feel like a fool and he could not take it.

However, I think that it was sensible of me to reject his love because I have never had a special feeling for him.

I cannot force myself to love someone that I do not feel that I love.

It is said that love is not something that can be forced and giving love does not guarantee receiving love.

More importantly, with force we can win over the person but not on his or her heart.

I hope that time will heal his heart and he could find the right person sooner or later.


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餹ѡŧ᷺᷺ á駹 ... Żҡµ

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