'Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me', this statement is very touching.

Love is something we can only feel, cannot really be described and it is about caring someone deeply.

In general, life is unpredictable, seems ups and downs and has good fortune and bad fortune.

Because of love, it makes life go better if we know how to give love and receive love.

Sometimes love comes and goes but at least happy memories still remain.

When love begins to grow between the two, they should cherish their love and persist in effort to make an everlasting love.

Saying the word 'I love you' needs to be ensured that the two really mean it and are willing to do anything for each other.

Unfortunately, love can be lost but least of all it is blessed to have someone to love.

If we are willing to share love with someone, love will come in good time.

'觢ҧس¨ԧ¶֧ء觷ءҧͩѹԧ', ͤһзѺҡ

ѡͺҧ觺ҧҧ§ö֡ öж١óҧԧѹǡѺ֡ǧµͤ˹ҧ֡

· ԵҨҡó ͹բŧ ⪤աѺ⪤

Ҥѡ ѹԵբ ѡҡͺѡСѺѡҧ

ҧ駤ѡШҡ ҧ·ش çӷդآѧ

ͤѡ鹷ԭԺҧͧ ǡҡ÷зйضѡͧǡþԴ繤ѡ

þٴ 'ѹѡس' 繵ͧ١ ͧ¶֧ѹԧС㨷зӺҧ觺ҧҧ͡ѹСѹ

⪤շ ѡö٭ ҧ·شѹ繾ҧ˹觷դҧѡ

ҵ㨷觻ѹѡѺҧ ѡҷշ

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