Even though I have learned to be alone after having been away from home for many years, I must admit I have felt loneliness and have feared it from time to time.

I think there are times in our lives when we feel difficult, anxious, abandoned, unloved or insecure. Particularly, a modern life tends to make us vulnerable to loneliness.

In fact, it is a normal emotion that we feel lonely, a part of growing up. Moreover, there are plenty of loners who happily choose solitude as a way of life.

I know I may have chosen to change my circumstances by moving to a new country for a new start. But, I sometimes find myself waking up one morning and realised there was nobody there, I felt completely empty.

However, I believe it is possible to overcome my loneliness if I am really determined to do so.

So, I will begin to spend more time with others and learn to be with them, then consider what I most enjoy doing, whether it is reading, going for country walks, going to the cinema, etc.

Over a lifetime, isolation and togetherness will continue as a part of life. And, as long as we focus on the pleasure life gives us, we will find more interest in the world around us.

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