Recently, I witnessed one new member of staff who just took on the job in the unit appearing distressed and unhappy.

For two days I was asked to give extra help to her because there were comments from other nurses questioning about her competence.

The first time I stepped into the room to give a helping hand to her, I saw her rushing around with stressful looking and tried to escape from the other staff.

Earlier, I heard some staff complaining about her poor work performance and weird personality.

To be fair, I did not want to take whatever people cited about her, I just went in and worked with her as a common colleague.

While performing the work together, I always talked to her about things in general to create a relaxing atmosphere and good rapport.

I think people are often so awful at welcoming new comers but are good at picking on them instead.

However, it is important that new starters should learn as soon as possible what is expected of them and what to expect from others.

I believe with effort and patience this new nurse can find a way to make not to break the relationship with colleagues and eventually feel more welcome.

Life at work would be a great pleasure as long as whoever we work with has a positive attitude towards us.

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