The other day I went to my favourite Thai restaurant in town and was asked by some young Thai girls who worked there about how to have a foreign boyfriend.

I reckon that there are many reasons why Thai women wish to get a foreign boyfriend - foreign men are not patriarchal, they frankly express affection, they have an exotic charm, etc.

Apparently, the number of people with foreign lovers is striking and most of them are women.

And, internet communities of people swapping foreign boyfriend stories or people looking for foreign boyfriends are skyrocketing.

However, there are couples (Thai women and foreign men) who are happy in love and those who are not.

Personally, I am not against the international romance and I think that it tends to be a natural phenomenon resulting from the expansion of international exchanges.

Even though there is nothing wrong dating a foreign man, those Thai girls who want foreign boyfriends should be very, very careful about the danger in having an international relationship.

There have been many examples supposedly exposed just how dangerous to dating a foreign man.

For example, one French teacher wrote on his blog that it took a month for him to seduce a Chinese woman, a week to seduce a Japanese woman and just a day to seduce a Korean woman and so on.

In fact, the successful romantic stories are made but finding someone special who shares us same interests and lifestyle has never been easy.

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ѹԴ ҡ˵ؼҷ˭ԧ»öҷҡΌҧҵ - µҧҵẺӹҨ¶˹Ҥͺ µҧҵʴ֧͡ѡʹҧԴµç仵ç µҧҵʹẺš 繵

ҧѴਹ ӹǹͧդѡ繪ǵҧҵԹ鹹ҵ֧ҡоǡǹ˭ͼ˭ԧ


ҧá շ駤ѡ(˭ԧ¡Ѻµҧҵ)դآѧ㹤ѡ ǡѡҹ鹼դآѧ

ǹ ѹ֡͵ҹѺͧѡҵ ЩѹԴ ѹͧҡó繸ҵԷռҨҡâµǢͧš¹ҧҧȹͧ

ѹ觼ԴԷ͡ഷѺµҧҵ ˭ԧҹ鹼觵ͧΌҧҵԡ÷ѴѧҡǡѺѹ¢ͧѹҾҵ


¡ҧ ͹ҽʤ˹¹ŧ㹺ͧ͡ ˹͹Ѻҷ͡ǧ˭ԧչ ˹ҷԵ͡ǧ˭ԧ ˹ѹ͡ǧ˭ԧ 繵

ԧ ͧѡʺ稡١Դ äҤҧɼ觨觻ѹѺǡ㹤ʹ㨵ҧٻẺͧԵ͹ѹѹ·Ч

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