It is said that wooing a girl is an art.

And, Italian guys evidently have good name of how to make a great impression on a girl and getting her to like them.

Some females say what makes an Italian man so charming is the accent combined with tall, dark and handsome look.

There is a story about an Italian bloke who met a girl the first time and wooed a girl effortlessly.

A group of English girls recently visited Rome in Italy and there was the talk of the town about an Italian male's infatuation to a girl.

Whilst all of the girls were strolling onto a vibrant street to enjoy the beauty of the city, one Italian man rushed right in to one of them who was a pretty blonde.

He then started chatting up with her, 'Hi! Where do you come from?'

The girl naively replied, 'Oh! Hi! I come from England.'

He looked confused by her answer and said, 'No, I do not believe you are from England. I think you come from the heaven because you are amazingly beautiful.'

What happened next was the whole group walked away with different touch but mostly, they felt like Italians surely honed their skills with the ladies.

I must say an Italian guy has a potential to make a girl fall for him.

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ҡǹ˭ԧ 'ʴդѺ! ҺҤسҨҡ˹Ѻ?'

˭ԧͺѺ仴¤ 'ʴդ! ! ѹҨҡѧɤ'

˹Եդ鹴͹ѺʹѺӵͺͧ˭ԧٴ 'ԧ͡ ҤسҨҡѧ ԴҤسҨҡäҡ سҡҧȨ'

÷Դ鹵ͨҡ鹡 ˭ԧ駡Թ˹仴¤֡ᵡҧѹ͡ ǹ˭ǡ֡ ˹Եյͧ֡ѡСèպ˭ԧҧ͹ش

ѹͧͺ͡ ˹ԵѡҾз˭ԧѡԧ

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