After submitting the application for a master degree programme a while ago, I am asked to attend an interview next month.

Even if getting an interview is a significant step towards winning acceptance to the programme, I must admit it is nerve-racking.

Perhaps what the interviewers will ask me is the most apprehensive part of the interview.

As the master degree programme hopes a graduate will become a polished professional, the interviewers are bound to determine whether or not I am a right candidate for the programme.

Therefore, I must be well-prepared for discussion on the difficult questions.

Those questions will be asked to see how I react under difficult situations or sensitive topics.

Also, the interviewers will probably want to get a sense of what my personality, level of motivation and career goal are.

If I want to be surely accepted into the programme, I must perform with no glaring problems during the interview.

However, I am going to do my best to get the final admittance for the programme of my dream.

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May your future efforts be successful and rewarding.Thank you for the best english articel ever.

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ҡ¹ English ¨ѧ ¹ҡ˹Ф

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ҹ仴´稹Ф 繡ѧ

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