In Thailand, there has always been only one official language, Thai. However, English is the first foreign language that students must study in schools.

As the English language is not the language commonly used in Thailand, so many Thais encounter great quantity of language problems.

In fact, there have long been related problems to not only the English learning situation but also the English language teaching in Thailand.

Apparently, many Thai learners are still struggling in improving their English because the English curriculum in Thai schools and universities does not focus on skills of listening and speaking.

As a result, Thai graduates have a poor command of English which cannot meet the demands for English used in the workplace and for further studies abroad.

Due to the importance of English as an international language, Thais are probably forced to learn to improve their skills in the English language for professional and educational reason.

I believe that with dedication and determination, Thai learners can overcome hurdles in learning the language in order to achieve proper English proficiency.

Most importantly, everyone has the ability to learn and develop and it is said that practice makes perfect.

㹻 Ҫ§ǵʹҤ ҧáѧɡҵҧáѡ¹ͧ¹ç¹

ͧҡѧҷ١·㹻 ѧ鹹ѡ¹¨ӹǹҡ֧༪ԭѺѭҷҧҷҡ

ԧ ջѭҷǢͧѺͧҹҹ§ʶҹóͧ¹ͧ͹Ҵ蹡ѹ

ҧѴਹ ѡ¹¨ӹǹҡѧդҡ㹡þѲѧɢͧǡ


ͧҡӤѭͧѧ㹰ҹТͧҡ ¨֧Ҩ١ѹѧѺ¹ͷлѺاѲҷѡѧɢͧҴ˵ؼŢͧҪվС֡

ѹҴ¡طȵд¤ ѡ¹öҪػäҡ㹡¹ͷѺ繤ջԷҾ㹡ѧҧ

Ӥѭҡش ء椹դö㹡¹СþѲ ѹ١ҡý֡Դ١ͧ

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