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Yesterday the weather was so good so I spent my day off looking at the clear sky and enjoying the sea breeze that came from the shore.

Whilst sitting in a lovely local coffee shop near the seafront, I thought about how I could make my dream become real.

I have dreamed for long time that I would have an early retirement and would spend my leisure time doing writing and charity work.

And, part of my dream is to be accepted for the Master programme in clinical research.

Believe it or not, today after work I got home and checked my email, there was the email informing me to attend the interview for the Master programme.

Even if it is too early to say whether I will be fortunate enough to have an offer for a place in the Master programme, at least I take an action to make my dream happen.

I think to make a dream come true is a personal investment.

It is said that a dream needs more than a wish, it needs commitment and action.

I truly believe that every person is able to turn a dream into a reality.

Nobody else but ourself can decide whether our dream will happen or not.

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All the best for your dream, wish mine was true too

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..HappY BrightDaY..

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I love your every single post on this webpage, Your English is amazingly impeccable.I wish I could have a good command of English like you, perhaps I do need to dedicate my time and great effort to pursue the language. My biggest problem is laziness and I know that this problem will get me nowhere. However, after reading your posts, you really inspire me to get my English going again. Thanks for helping me want to perfect English.

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